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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004(40)A-Ar-39 age of a lava flow from the bhimashankar formation, Giravali ghat, Deccan TrapsPANDE, K; PATTANAYAK, SK; SUBBARAO, KV; NAVANEETHAKRISHNAN, P; VENKATESAN, TR
2009(40)Ar-(39)Ar dating of volcanic rocks of the Shyok suture zone in north-west trans-Himalaya: Implications for the post-collision evolution of the Shyok suture zoneBHUTANI, R; PANDE, K; VENKATESAN, TR
2013Age and geochemistry of the Newania dolomite carbonatites, India: implications for the source of primary carbonatite magmaRAY, JS; PANDE, K; BHUTANI, R; SHUKLA, AD; RAI, VK; KUMAR, A; AWASTHI, N; SMITHA, RS; PANDA, DK
2017Ar-40/Ar-39 dating of the Mumbai tholeiites and Panvel flexure: intense 62.5 Ma onshore-offshore Deccan magmatism during India-Laxmi Ridge-Seychelles breakupPANDE, K; YATHEESH, V; SHETH, H
2015Ar-40/Ar-39 geochronology and geochemistry of the Central Saurashtra mafic dyke swarm: insights into magmatic evolution, magma transport, and dyke-flow relationships in the northwestern Deccan TrapsCUCCINIELLO, C; DEMONTEROVA, EI; SHETH, H; PANDE, K; VIJAYAN, A
2015Ar-40/Ar-39 geochronology of subaerial lava flows of Barren Island volcano and the deep crust beneath the Andaman Island Arc, Burma MicroplateRAY, JS; PANDE, K; BHUTANI, R
2013Arc parallel extension in Higher and Lesser Himalayas, evidence from western Arunachal Himalaya, IndiaDE SARKAR, S; MATHEW, G; PANDE, K
2005Chemical weathering in the Krishna Basin and Western Ghats of the Deccan Traps, India: Rates of basalt weathering and their controlsDAS, A; KRISHNASWAMI, S; SARIN, M M; PANDE, K
2016Compositional variability of glauconites within the Upper Cretaceous Karai Shale Formation, Cauvery Basin, India: Implications for evaluation of stratigraphic condensationBANERJEE, S; BANSAL, U; PANDE, K; MEENA, SS
2004Cones and craters on Mount Pavagadh, Deccan Traps: Rootless cones?SHETH, HC; MATHEW, G; PANDE, K; MALLICK, S; JENA, B
2012Deccan volcanism in Rajasthan: Ar-40-Ar-39 geochronology and geochemistry of the Tavidar volcanic suiteSEN, A; PANDE, K; HEGNER, E; SHARMA, KK; DAYAL, AM; SHETH, HC; MISTRY, H
2017The distinctive compositional evolution of glauconite in the Cretaceous Ukra Hill Member (Kutch basin, India) and its implicationsBANSAL, U; BANERJEE, S; PANDE, K; ARORA, A; MEENA, SS
2013Do the large carbon isotopic excursions in terrestrial organic matter across Paleocene-Eocene boundary in India indicate intensification of tropical precipitation?SAMANTA, A; BERA, MK; GHOSH, R; BERA, S; FILLEY, T; PANDE, K; RATHORE, SS; RAI, J; SARKAR, A
2014Drainage migration and out of sequence thrusting in Bhalukpong, Western Arunachal Himalaya, IndiaDE SARKAR, S; MATHEW, G; PANDE, K; PHUKON, P; SINGHVI, AK
2013An Ediacaran-Cambrian thermal imprint in Rajasthan, western India: Evidence from Ar-40-Ar-39 geochronology of the Sindreth volcanicsSEN, A; PANDE, K; SHETH, HC; SHARMA, KK; SARKAR, S; DAYAL, AM; MISTRY, H
2014Geological and Ar-40/Ar-39 age constraints on late-stage Deccan rhyolitic volcanism, inter-volcanic sedimentation, and the Panvel flexure from the Dongri area, MumbaiSHETH, HC; PANDE, K
2009Laboratory technique for quantitative thermal emissivity measurements of geological samplesMATHEW, G; NAIR, A; RAO, TKG; PANDE, K
2013A minimum age for the active Barren Island volcano, Andaman SeaRAY, JS; PANDE, K; AWASTHI, N
2014New Ar-39-Ar-40 ages of dykes from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh: evidence for polyphase dyke intrusion in eastern Deccan Volcanic ProvinceLALA, T; MOMBASAWALA, LS; PANDE, K; PAUL, DK
2015Origin of the Mile Tilek Tuff, South Andaman: evidence from Ar-40-Ar-39 chronology and geochemistryAWASTHI, N; RAY, JS; PANDE, K