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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20092,3-Disubstituted-1,4-naphthoquinones, 12H-benzo[b]phenothiazine-6, 11-diones and related compounds: Synthesis and Biological evaluation as potential antiproliferative and antifungal agentsTANDON, VK; MAURYA, HK; TRIPATHI, A; SHIVAKESHAVA, GB; SHUKLA, PK; SRIVASTAVA, P; PANDA, D
20062-methoxyestradiol suppresses microtubule dynamics and arrests mitosis without depolymerizing microtubulesKAMATH, K; OKOUNEVA, T; LARSON, G; PANDA, D; WILSON, L; JORDAN, MA
2009Acid-base behavior of 3-aminoquinoline in its ground and excited statesPANDA, D; GHOSH, D; DATTA, A
2007Acid-induced loss of functional properties of bacterial cell division protein FtsZ: Evidence for an alternative conformation at acidic pHSANTRA, MK; PANDA, D
2014Al2O3 films grown by glow discharge plasma aluminisingJAMNAPARA, NI; NAYAK, V; AVTANI, DU; CHAUHAN, NL; PANDA, D; GUPTA, SB; KALARIA, K; VAGHELA, N; MUKHERJEE, S; KHANNA, AS
2009An Analysis of FtsZ Assembly Using Small Angle X-ray Scattering and Electron MicroscopyKUCHIBHATLA, A; RASHEED, ASA; NARAYANAN, J; BELLARE, J; PANDA, D
2006Anomalous excited-state dynamics of Lucifer yellow CH in solvents of high polarity: Evidence for an intramolecular proton transferPANDA, D; MISHRA, PP; KHATUA, S; KONER, AL; SUNOJ, RB; DATTA, A
2013Ansamitocin P3 Depolymerizes Microtubules and Induces Apoptosis by Binding to Tubulin at the Vinblastine SiteVENGHATERI, JB; GUPTA, TK; VERMA, PJ; KUNWAR, A; PANDA, D
2008Anti-mitotic activity of colchicine and the structural basis for its interaction with tubulinBHATTACHARYYA, B; PANDA, D; GUPTA, S; BANERJEE, M
2007Anticancer and antimicrobial metallopharmaceutical agents based on palladium, gold, and silver n-heterocyclic carbene complexesRAY, S; MOHAN, R; SINGH, JK; SAMANTARAY, MK; SHAIKH, MM; PANDA, D; GHOSH, P
2014Antimicrobial Peptide CRAMP (16-33) Stalls Bacterial Cytokinesis by Inhibiting FtsZ AssemblyRAY, S; DHAKED, HPS; PANDA, D
2004Antimitotic antifungal compound benomyl inhibits brain microtubule polymerization and dynamics and cancer cell proliferation at mitosis, by binding to a novel site in tubulinGUPTA, K; BISHOP, J; PECK, A; BROWN, J; WILSON, L; PANDA, D
2006Antimitotic sulfonamides inhibit microtubule assembly dynamics and cancer cell proliferationMOHAN, R; BANERJEE, M; RAY, A; MANNA, T; WILSON, L; OWA, T; BHATTACHARYYA, B; PANDA, D
2017Antiproliferative Activity of Crocin Involves Targeting of Microtubules in Breast Cancer CellsHIRE, RR; SRIVASTAVA, S; DAVIS, MB; KONREDDY, AK; PANDA, D
2002Antiproliferative mechanism of curcumin: perturbation of microtubule function through tubulin bindingGUPTA, K; NAIK, NR; WILSON, L; PANDA, D
2012An Antitubulin Agent BCFMT Inhibits Proliferation of Cancer Cells and Induces Cell Death by Inhibiting Microtubule DynamicsRAI, A; SUROLIA, A; PANDA, D
2013Assembly of Bacillus subtilis FtsA: Effects of pH, ionic strength and nucleotides on FtsA assemblySINGH, P; MAKDE, RD; GHOSH, S; ASTHANA, J; KUMAR, V; PANDA, D
2008Benomyl and Colchicine Synergistically Inhibit Cell Proliferation and Mitosis: Evidence of Distinct Binding Sites for These Agents in TubulinCLEMENT, MJ; RATHINASAMY, K; ADJADJ, E; TOMA, F; CURMI, PA; PANDA, D
2006The benzophenanthridine alkaloid sanguinarine perturbs microtubule assembly dynamics through tubulin bindingLOPUS, M; PANDA, D
2005Biocompatible suspension of nanosized gamma-Fe2O3 synthesized by novel methodsPRASAD, NK; PANDA, D; SINGH, S; MUKADAM, MD; YUSUF, SM; BAHADUR, D