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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Crustal structure and rift architecture across the Krishna-Godavari basin in the central Eastern Continental Margin of India based on analysis of gravity and seismic dataRADHAKRISHNA, M; TWINKLE, D; NAYAK, S; BASTIA, R; RAO, GS
2012Early Cretaceous fracture zones in the Bay of Bengal and their tectonic implications: Constraints from multi-channel seismic reflection and potential field dataRADHAKRISHNA, M; RAO, GS; NAYAK, S; BASTIA, R; TWINKLE, D
2004Elastic wave propagation in laminated FRP platesNAYAK, S; BANERJI, P
1997Evidence of ductile shearing from the extensional crenulation cleavage: An example from Zawar area, the Aravalli mountainBISWAL, TK; NAYAK, S; HARISH, TR; UNIKRISHNAN, S
2011Identification and characterization of marine geohazards in the deep water eastern offshore of India: constraints from multibeam bathymetry, side scan sonar and 3D high-resolution seismic dataBASTIA, R; RADHAKRISHNA, M; NAYAK, S
2008A new octahedral cobalt(III) complex of (1,8)-bis(2-hydroxybenzamido)-3,6-diazaoctane incorporating phenolate-amide-amine coordination: synthesis, X-ray crystal structure, ligand substitution and redox activity with sulfur(IV) and L-ascorbic acidNAYAK, S; DASH, AC; LAHIRI, GK
2006Three dimensional hybrid model for analysis of wave scattering in infinite platesNAYAK, S; BANERJI, P
2005Three-dimensional guided waves in laminated composite plates excited from point sourceBANERJI, P; NAYAK, S; SHAH, AH