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2006A cationic (N-Heterocyclic carbene)silver complex as catalyst for bulk ring-opening polymerization of (L)-lactidesSAMANTARAY, MK; KATIYAR, V; ROY, D; PANG, KL; NANAVATI, H; STEPHEN, R; SUNOJ, RB; GHOSH, P
2006Collapse transition in random copolymer solutionsDASMAHAPATRA, AK; KUMARASWAMY, G; NANAVATI, H
2011A Comprehensive Single-Particle Model for Solid-State Polymerization of Poly(L-lactic acid)KATIYAR, V; SHAAMA, MS; NANAVATI, H
2006A continuous process for the recovery of lactic acid by reactive distillationKUMAR, R; NANAVATI, H; NORONHA, SB; MAHAJANI, SM
2008Elasticity and photoelasticity relationships for polyethylene terephthalate fiber networks by molecular simulationNAYAK, K; DAS, S; NANAVATI, H
2004Elasticity and photoelasticty of polymeric networks by molecular simulation.NAYAK, K; NANAVATI, H
2006First example of a gold(I) N-heterocyclic-carbene-based initiator for the bulk ring-opening polymerization of L-lactideRAY, L; KATIYAR, V; RAIHAN, MJ; NANAVATI, H; SHAIKH, MM; GHOSH, P
2011High Molecular Weight Poly (L-lactic Acid) Clay Nanocomposites Via Solid-State PolymerizationKATIYAR, V; NANAVATI, H
2016How many network chains of a densely crosslinked glassy thermoset deform cooperatively at yield?CHATTARAJ, S; PANT, P; PAWASKAR, DN; NANAVATI, H
2011In Situ Synthesis of High Molecular Weight Poly(L-Lactic Acid) Clay NanocompositesKATIYAR, V; NANAVATI, H
2007Pathway to copolymer collapse in dilute solution: Uniform versus random distribution of comonomersDASMAHAPATRA, AK; NANAVATI, H; KUMARASWAMY, G
2009Polymer crystallization in the presence of "sticky" additivesDASMAHAPATRA, AK; NANAVATI, H; KUMARASWAMY, G
2007Protein structure prediction aided by geometrical and probabilistic constraintsPORWAL, G; JAIN, S; BABU, SD; SINGH, D; NANAVATI, H; NORONHA, S
2006Recovery of lactic acid by batch reactive distillationKUMAR, R; MAHAJANI, SM; NANAVATI, H; NORONHA, SB
2010Ring-opening polymerization of L-lactide using N-heterocyclic molecules: mechanistic, kinetics and DFT studiesKATIYAR, V; NANAVATI, H
2011Solid State Polymerization of Poly(L-Lactide): Multiple-Fold Increase in Molecular Weight via an Efficient Catalyst SystemKATIYAR, V; NANAVATI, H