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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bayesian view of single-qubit clocks, and an energy versus accuracy tradeoffGOPALKRISHNAN, M; KANDULA, V; SRIRAM, P; DESHPANDE, A; MURALIDHARAN, B
2015Exploring packaging strategies of nano-embedded thermoelectric generatorsSINGHA, A; MAHANTI, SD; MURALIDHARAN, B
2017A General Theoretical Framework for Characterizing Solvated Electronic Structure via Voltammetry: Applied to Carbon NanotubesHOSSAIN, MS; MURALIDHARAN, B; BEVAN, KH
2017Incoherent scattering can favorably influence energy filtering in nanostructured thermoelectricsSINGHA, A; MURALIDHARAN, B
2017Landauer-Buttiker approach for hyperfine mediated electronic transport in the integer quantum Hall regimeSINGHA, A; FAUZI, MH; HIRAYAMA, Y; MURALIDHARAN, B
2015Optimal single quantum dot heat-to-pure-spin-current convertersBUDDHIRAJU, S; MURALIDHARAN, B
2014Power and efficiency analysis of a realistic resonant tunneling diode thermoelectricAGARWAL, A; MURALIDHARAN, B
2015Programming Current Reduction via Enhanced Asymmetry-Induced Thermoelectric Effects in Vertical Nanopillar Phase-Change Memory CellsBAHL, J; RAJENDRAN, B; MURALIDHARAN, B
2015Proposal for a Domain Wall Nano-Oscillator driven by Non-uniform Spin CurrentsSHARMA, S; MURALIDHARAN, B; TULAPURKAR, A
2017Resistively detected NMR line shapes in a quasi-one-dimensional electron systemFAUZI, MH; SINGHA, A; SAHDAN, MF; TAKAHASHI, M; SATO, K; NAGASE, K; MURALIDHARAN, B; HIRAYAMA, Y
2017Resonant enhancement in nanostructured thermoelectric performance via electronic thermal conductivity engineeringPATIL, U; MURALIDHARAN, B
2014Role of dual nuclear baths on spin blockade leakage current bistabilitiesBUDDHIRAJU, S; MURALIDHARAN, B
2013Thermoelectric spin accumulation and long-time spin precession in a noncollinear quantum dot spin valveMURALIDHARAN, B; GRIFONI, M
2016Thermoelectric study of dissipative quantum-dot heat enginesDE, BT; MURALIDHARAN, B
2016Ultrasensitive Nanoscale Magnetic-Field Sensors Based on Resonant Spin FilteringSHARMA, A; TULAPURKAR, A; MURALIDHARAN, B