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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Anodic oxidation of Pb-In alloys in alkaline solution: Effect of In on electrochemical and photoelectrochemical behaviour of lead oxideMUKHOPADHYAY, I; GHOSH, S; SHARON, M
1997Application of the Gartner model to elucidate parameters adversely affecting photoactivity of thin film PbO in Fe(CN)(6)(3-/4-) electrolyteMUKHOPADHYAY, I; SHARON, M
1997Carbon photovoltaic cellMUKHOPADHYAY, K; MUKHOPADHYAY, I; SHARON, M; SOGA, T; UMENO, M
1997Investigation of semiconducting parameters of Pb-Sn alloy oxide-electrolyte interface by Butler Gartner modelMUKHOPADHYAY, I; SHARON, M
1997A photoelectrochemical solar cell from camphoric p-carbon semiconductorSHARON, M; MUKHOPADHYAY, I; MUKHOPADHYAY, K
1996Photoelectrochemical studies of oxide film of PbOn+SnOn obtained by potentiodynamic anodisation of Pb+Sn alloy electrode in alkaline mediumMUKHOPADHYAY, I; SHARON, M; VELUCHAMY, P; MINOURA, H
1994Photoelectrochemical studies of photoactive lead-oxide prepared by the potential pulse coupled potentiodynamic anodization technique in alkaline-mediumMUKHOPADHYAY, I; RAGHAVAN, MSS; SHARON, M; MINOURA, H; VELUCHAMY, P
1995Semiconducting multichannel-multilayer camphoric tubulesSHARON, M; MUKHOPADHYAY, K; MUKHOPADHYAY, I; KRISHNA, KM
1997Surface characterisation of anodic films of Pb-Sn alloy electrodes: the effect of Sn on the photoelectrochemical propertiesMUKHOPADHYAY, I; SELVAM, P; SHARON, M; VELUCHAMY, P; MINOURA, H
1997Surface modification by potential delay to obtain a photoactive PbO filmMUKHOPADHYAY, I; GHOSH, S; SHARON, M
1997Surface modification by the potential delay technique to obtain a photoactive PbO filmMUKHOPADHYAY, I; GHOSH, S; SHARON, M