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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Affinity cantilever sensors for cardiac diagnosticsJOSHI, M; KALE, N; MUKHERJI, S; LAL, R; RAO, VR
2012Alteration in cell surface properties of Burkholderia spp. during surfactant-aided biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbonsMOHANTY, S; MUKHERJI, S
2015Arginine-assisted immobilization of silver nanoparticles on ZnO nanorods: an enhanced and reusable antibacterial substrate without human cell cytotoxicityAGNIHOTRI, S; BAJAJ, G; MUKHERJI, S; MUKHERJI, S
2016Asymmetric immobilization of antibodies on a piezo-resistive micro-cantilever surfaceAGARWAL, DK; MAHESHWARI, N; MUKHERJI, S; RAO, VR
2013Batch studies with Exiguobacterium aurantiacum degrading structurally diverse organic compounds and its potential for treatment of biomass gasification wastewaterJESWANI, H; MUKHERJI, S
2009Bio-functionalization of silicon nitride-based piezo-resistive microcantileversKALE, NS; JOSHI, M; RAO, PN; MUKHERJI, S; RAO, VR
2009Biodegradation of oil in oily sludges from steel millsBISWAL, BK; TIWARI, SN; MUKHERJI, S
2014Biodegradation of pyrene by a Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain RS1 isolated from refinery sludgeGHOSH, I; JASMINE, J; MUKHERJI, S
2011Characterization and Proinflammatory Response of Airborne Biological Particles from Wastewater Treatment PlantsGANGAMMA, S; PATIL, RS; MUKHERJI, S
2011Characterization and Proinflammatory Response of Airborne Biological Particles from Wastewater Treatment PlantsGANGAMMA, S; PATIL, RS; MUKHERJI, S
2015Characterization of oily sludge from a refinery and biodegradability assessment using various hydrocarbon degrading strains and reconstituted consortiaJASMINE, J; MUKHERJI, S
2009Characterization of silanization and antibody immobilization on spin-on glass (SOG) surfaceNAGARE, GD; MUKHERJI, S
2017A Comprehensive Investigation of a Microfabricated U-Bend Polymer Waveguide With Analyte Micro-Reservoir for Versatile On-Chip Sensing ApplicationsPRABHAKAR, A; MISHRA, N; MUKHERJI, S
2005Correlation between sorbent characteristics and metal sorption capacity of soils around Mumbai: Implications on environmental hazard managementMOULIK, MR; BANERJEE, S; MUKHERJI, S
2015Defatted algal biomass as a non-conventional low-cost adsorbent: Surface characterization and methylene blue adsorption characteristicsCHANDRA, TS; MUDLIAR, SN; VIDYASHANKAR, S; MUKHERJI, S; SARADA, R; KRISHNAMURTHI, K; CHAUHAN, VS
2012Degradation of phenolics, nitrogen-heterocyclics and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in a rotating biological contactorJESWANI, H; MUKHERJI, S
2014A dendrimer matrix for performance enhancement of evanescent wave absorption-based fiber-optic biosensorsSATIJA, J; KARUNAKARAN, B; MUKHERJI, S
2011Dendrimers in biosensors: Concept and applicationsSATIJA, J; SAI, VVR; MUKHERJI, S
2016Design and Fabrication of Lossy Mode Resonance Based U-Shaped Fiber Optic Refractometer Utilizing Dual Sensing PhenomenonPALIWAL, N; PUNJABI, N; JOHN, J; MUKHERJI, S
2016Diverse effect of surfactants on pyrene biodegradation by a Pseudomonas strain utilizing pyrene by cell surface hydrophobicity inductionGHOSH, I; MUKHERJI, S