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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Active vibration control of piezolaminated stiffened platesMUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; JOSHI, SP; GANGULI, A
2003An adaptive framework for QoS routing through multiple paths in ad hoc wireless networksDAS, SK; MUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; BANDYOPADHYAY, S; SAHA, D; PAUL, K
1998Artificial neural networks in CT–PT contact detection in a PHWRMUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; RAIJADE, PRAVIN R; MOORTHY, RIK; KAKODKAR, A
1997Artificial neural networks in prediction of mechanical behavior of concrete at high temperatureMUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; BISWAS, SUDIP NAG
2000Behavior of CFRPC strengthened reinforced concrete beams with varying degrees of strengtheningRAMANA, VPV; KANT, TARUN; MORTON, SE; DUTTA, PK; MUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; DESAI, YM
2006Characterization of discretely graded materials using acoustic wave propagationSAMADHIYA, RITESH; MUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; SCHMAUDER, SIEGFRIED
2001Design guidelines for ply drop-off in laminated composite structuresMUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; VARUGHESE, B
1999Development of a specialised finite element for the analysis of composite structures with ply drop-offMUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; VARUGHESE, B
2002Energy efficient actuators in vibration control of plated structuresMUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; JOSHI, S
2003Exact solutions for characterization of electro-elastically graded materialsJOSHI, SHAILENDRA; MUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; SCHMAUDER, SIEGFRIED
2005FRPC reinforced concrete beam-column joints under cyclic excitationMUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; JOSHI, MANGESH
2000Layered sacrificial claddings under blast loading Part I - analytical studiesGURUPRASAD, S; MUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT
2000Layered sacrificial claddings under blast loading Part II-experimental studiesGURUPRASAD, S; MUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT
2001Mechanical performance of endodontically treated teethJOSHI, S; MUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; KHEUR, M; MEHTA, A
2005Nonlinear dynamic response of piezolaminated smart beamsMUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; CHAUDHURI, ASAHA
2007Performance of externally bonded GFRP sheets on concrete in tropical environments. Part I: structural scale testsMUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; ARWIKAR, SJ
2007Performance of externally bonded GFRP sheets on concrete in tropical environments. Part II: Microstructural testsMUKHERJEE, ABHIJIT; ARWIKAR, SJ