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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20062,4,6-tris(2-pyridyl)-1,3,5-triazine (tptz)-derived [Ru-II(tptz)(acac)(CH3CN)](+) and mixed-valent [(acac)(2)Ru-III{(mu-tptz-H+)(-)}Ru-II(acac)(CH3CN)](+)GHUMAAN, S; KAR, S; MOBIN, SM; HARISH, B; PURANIK, VG; LAHIRI, GK
20084-IodoquinolineSINGH, L; MOBIN, SM; TALWAR, SS
20105,10,15,20-Tetra-2-furylporphyrinGHOSH, A; BUTCHER, RJ; MOBIN, SM; RAVIKANTH, M
20129-Oxidophenalenone: A Noninnocent beta-Diketonate Ligand?DAS, A; SCHERER, TM; MOBIN, SM; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2012Allyl functionalized phosphinite and phosphonite ligands: Synthesis, transition metal chemistry and orthopalladation reactionsGOVINDARAJU, S; ANANTHNAG, GS; NAIK, S; MOBIN, SM; BALAKRISHNA, MS
2015Ancillary Ligand Control of Electronic Structure in o-Benzoquinonediimine-Ruthenium Complex Redox Series: Structures, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), and Ultraviolet-Visible-Near-Infrared (UV-vis-NIR) SpectroelectrochemistryDAS, A; GHOSH, P; PLEBST, S; SCHWEDERSKI, B; MOBIN, SM; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2016Anthracene derived dinuclear gold(I) diacetylide complexes: Synthesis, photophysical properties and supramolecular interactionsMISHRA, V; RAGHUVANSHI, A; SAINI, AK; MOBIN, SM
2012Application of a Structure/Oxidation-State Correlation to Complexes of Bridging Azo LigandsDAS, A; SCHERER, TM; MOBIN, SM; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2008Aromatics to Diquinanes: An Expeditious Synthesis of Tetramethylbicyclo[3.3.0]octane Framework of PtychanolideSINGH, V; CHANDRA, G; MOBIN, SM
2012Asymmetrical Diruthenium Complex Bridged by a Redox-Active LigandDAS, A; SCHERER, TM; CHOWDHURY, AD; MOBIN, SM; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2007Base-mediated reaction of the Bestmann-Ohira reagent with nitroalkenes for the regioselective synthesis of phosphonylpyrazolesMURUGANANTHAM, R; MOBIN, SM; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN
2014Bidirectional non-innocence of the beta-diketonato ligand 9-oxidophenalenone (L-) in [Ru([9]aneS3)-(L)(dmso)](n), [9]aneS3=1,4,7-trithiacyclononaneAGARWALA, H; SCHERER, TM; MOBIN, SM; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2014Bidirectional non-innocence of the beta-diketonato ligand 9-oxidophenalenone (L-) in [Ru([9]aneS3)-(L)(dmso)](n), [9]aneS3=1,4,7-trithiacyclononaneAGARWALA, H; SCHERER, TM; MOBIN, SM; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2013Biomimetic sensor for certain catecholamines employing copper(II) complex and silver nanoparticle modified glassy carbon paste electrodeSANGHAVI, BJ; MOBIN, SM; MATHUR, P; LAHIRI, GK; SRIVASTAVA, AK
2011Bis(acetylacetonato)ruthenium Complexes of Noninnocent 1,2-Dioxolene Ligands: Qualitatively Different Bonding in Relation to Monoimino and Diimino AnaloguesDAS, D; SARKAR, B; KUMBHAKAR, D; MONDAL, TK; MOBIN, SM; FIEDLER, J; URBANOS, FA; JIMENEZ-APARICIO, R; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2010Carboxylate Tolerance of the Redox-Active Platform [Ru(mu-tppz)Ru](n), where tppz=2,3,5,6-Tetrakis(2-pyridyl)pyrazine, in the Electron-Transfer Series [(L)CIRu(mu-tppz)RuCl(L)](n), n=2+, +, 0, -, 2-, with 2-Picolinato, Quinaldato, and 8-Quinolinecarboxylato Ligands (L(-))KUNDU, T; SARKAR, B; MONDAL, TK; FIEDLER, J; MOBIN, SM; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2003Chalcogen-acetylide interaction and unusual reactivity of coordinated acetylide with water: synthesis and characterisation of [(eta(5)-C5R5)Fe-3(CO)(6)(mu(3)-E)(mu(3)-ECCH2RI)] (R = H, Me; R-I =Ph, Fc; E = S, Se) and [(eta(5)-C5R5)MoFe2(CO)(6)(mu(3)-S)-(mu-SCCH2Ph)] (R = H, Me)MATHUR, P; SRINIVASU, C; MOBIN, SM
2012Charged, but Found "Not Guilty": Innocence of the Suspect Bridging Ligands [RO(O)CNNC(O)OR](2-) = L2- in [(acac)(2)Ru(mu-L)Ru(acac)(2)](n), n = +,0,-,2-ROY, S; SARKAR, B; IMRICH, HG; FIEDLER, J; ZALIS, S; JIMENEZ-APARICIO, R; URBANOS, FA; MOBIN, SM; LAHIRI, GK; KAIM, W
2011Chemically modified oximato complexes of titanium(IV) isopropoxide as new precursors for the sol-gel preparation of nano-sized titania: Crystal and molecular structure of [Ti{ONC(10)H(16)}(4)center dot 2CH(2)Cl(2)]CHAUDHARY, A; DHAYAL, V; NAGAR, M; BOHRA, R; MOBIN, SM; MATHUR, P
2010Chemistry of Molybdaboranes: Synthesis, Structures, and Characterization of a New Class of Open-Cage Dimolybdaheteroborane ClustersDHAYAL, RS; CHAKRAHARI, KKV; VARGHESE, B; MOBIN, SM; GHOSH, S