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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Analytical study of natural convection in a cavity with volumetric heat generationJOSHI, MV; GAITONDE, UN; MITRA, SK
2008Capillary flow in microchannel with pillarsSAHA, AA; TWEEDIE, M; ROY, S; MITRA, SK; MCLAUGHLIN, J
2009Effect of dynamic contact angle in a volume of fluid (VOF) model for a microfluidic capillary flowSAHA, AA; MITRA, SK
2008Effect of scaling parameters on waterflood performance with horizontal and vertical wellsHADIA, NJ; CHAUDHARI, LS; MITRA, SK; VINJAMUR, M; SINGH, R
2007Electroosmotic effect on flows in a serpentine microchannel with varying zeta potentialSAHA, AA; MITRA, SK; LI, XG
2012Estimation of permeability heterogeneity in limestone outcrop by pressure measurements: Experiments and numerical simulationHADIA, NJ; MITRA, SK; VINJAMUR, M
2009Experimental and numerical investigation of capillary flow in SU8 and PDMS microchannels with integrated pillarsSAHA, AA; MITRA, SK; TWEEDIE, M; ROY, S; MCLAUGHLIN, J
2008Experimental and numerical investigation of flashing driven natural circulation systemSAJITH, PP; VEDULA, RP; MITRA, SK
2007Experimental and numerical investigation of one-dimensional waterflood in porous reservoirHADIA, N; CHAUDHARI, L; AGGARWAL, A; MITRA, SK; VINJAMUR, MADHU; SINGH, R
2007Experimental and numerical investigations of waterflood profiles with different well configurationsSANTOSH, V; MITRA, SK; VINJAMUR, M; SINGH, R
2007Experimental investigation of use of horizontal wells in waterfloodingHADIA, N; CHAUDHARI, L; MITRA, SK; VINJAMUR, MADHU; SINGH, R
2011Flow Visualization of Two-Phase Flow through Layered Porous MediaCHAUDHARI, L; HADIA, NJ; MITRA, SK; VINJAMUR, M
2008Flow visualization of waterflooding with horizontal and vertical wellsSANTHOSH, V; MITRA, SK; VINJAMUR, M; KUMAR, MS
2007Flow visualization studies of two phase flow through layered porous mediaCHAUDHARI, L; HADIA, N; MITRA, SK; VINJAMUR, N
2005Fluid flow and heat transfer analysis of automotive radiator using CFD toolsMALAPURE, VP; BHATTACHARYA, A; MITRA, SK
2007Identification of process parameters for microfabrication with excimer laserAGRAWAL, V; DEVANI, R; MITRA, SK
2015Image denoising using orthogonal locality preserving projectionsSHIKKENAWIS, G; MITRA, SK; RAJWADE, A
2008Interfacial flow visualization in microfluidic channelsSAHA, AA; MITRA, SK
2008Investigation of combined electro-osmotic and pressure-driven flow in rough microchannelsWAGHMARE, PR; MITRA, SK
2006An investigation of convective transport in micro proton-exchange membrane fuel cellsRAWOOL, AS; MITRA, SK; PHAROAH, JG