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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20121 x 3 Microstrip Line-fed Metal-plated Split U-shaped Omnidirectional Ultra-wideband Monopole AntennaMISHRA, SK; GUPTA, RK; VAIDYA, AR; MUKHERJEE, J
2007An advanced soil moisture accounting, procedure for SCS curve number methodSAHU, RK; MISHRA, SK; ELDHO, TI; JAIN, MK
2013Annealing response of AA5182 deformed in plane strain and equibiaxial strain pathsMISHRA, SK; TATIPARTI, SSV; TIWARI, SM; RAGHAVAN, RS; CARSLEY, JE; LI, JJ
2014Compact Bluetooth/UWB Dual-Band Planar Antenna With Quadruple Band-Notch CharacteristicsREDDY, GS; KAMMA, A; MISHRA, SK; MUKHERJEE, J
2014Compact Bluetooth/UWB Dual-Band Planar Antenna With Quadruple Band-Notch CharacteristicsREDDY, GS; KAMMA, A; MISHRA, SK; MUKHERJEE, J
2010Comparative evaluation of SCS-CN-inspired models in applications to classified datasetsSAHU, RK; MISHRA, SK; ELDHO, TI
2014Crystallographic orientation and boundary effects on misorientation development in austenitic stainless steelCHAKRABARTY, S; MISHRA, SK; PANT, P
2015Effect of Mn doping on structural, optical and magnetic properties of SnO2 nanoparticlesAGRAHARI, V; TRIPATHI, AK; MATHPAL, MC; PANDEY, AC; MISHRA, SK; SHUKLA, RK; AGARWAL, A
2016Effect of plastic anisotropy on forming behavior of AA-6061 aluminum alloy sheetBARNWAL, VK; TEWARI, A; NARASIMHAN, K; MISHRA, SK
2009Effect of strain and strain path on deformation twinning and strain induced martensite in AISI 316L AND 304L austenitic stainless steelMISHRA, SK; PANT, P; NARASIMHAN, K; SAMAJDAR, I
2009Effect of Thermomechanical Treatment on the Grain Boundary Character Distribution in a 9Cr-1Mo Ferritic SteelKARTHIKEYAN, T; PAUL, VT; MISHRA, SK; SAROJA, S; VIJAYALAKSHMI, M; SAMAJDAR, I
2012Efficient, high gain with low side lobe level antenna structures using parasitic patches on multilayer superstrateVAIDYA, AR; GUPTA, RK; MISHRA, SK; MUKHERJEE, J
2008Evolution and characterization of dynamically recrystallized microstructure in a titanium-modified austenitic stainless steel using ultrasonic and EBSD techniquesMANDAL, S; MISHRA, SK; KUMAR, A; SAMAJDAR, I; SIVAPRASAD, PV; JAYAKUMAR, T; RAJ, B
2015Forming limit diagram of Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) based on strain-path diagramBHARGAVA, M; TEWARI, A; MISHRA, SK
2010An improved AMC-coupled runoff curve number modelSAHU, RK; MISHRA, SK; ELDHO, TI
2006An improved I-a-S relation incorporating antecedent moisture in SCS-CN methodologyMISHRA, SK; SAHU, RK; ELDHO, TI; JAIN, MK
2012Improved Storm Duration and Antecedent Moisture Condition Coupled SCS-CN Concept-Based ModelSAHU, RK; MISHRA, SK; ELDHO, TI
2005Long-term hydrologic simulation using storage and source area conceptsMISHRA, SK; GEETHA, K; RASTOGI, AK; PANDEY, RP
2004Long-term hydrological simulation based on the Soil Conservation Service curve numberMISHRA, SK; SINGH, VP
2012Low temperature dielectric dispersion and relaxor like behavior in multiferroic Ba3NbFe3Si2O14RATHORE, SS; MISHRA, SK; VITTA, S