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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Appearance of target pattern and spiral flames in radial microchannels with CH(4)-air mixturesKUMAR, S; MARUTA, K; MINAEV, S; FURSENKO, R
2017Dynamics of premixed methane/air mixtures in a heated microchannel with different wall temperature gradientsKISHORE, VR; MINAEV, S; AKRAM, M; KUMAR, S
2017Effect of Wall Thermal Boundary Conditions on Flame Dynamics of CH4-Air and H-2-Air Mixtures in Straight MicrotubesSINGH, AP; KISHORE, VR; YOON, Y; MINAEV, S; KUMAR, S
2007Experimental study on flame pattern formation and combustion completeness in a radial microchannelFAN, A; MINAEV, S; KUMAR, S; LIU, W; MARUTA, K
2017Flame anchoring regime of filtrational gas combustion: Theory and experimentSIROTKIN, F; FURSENKO, R; KUMAR, S; MINAEV, S
2016Investigations on flame dynamics of premixed H-2-air mixtures in microscale tubesARAVIND, B; VELAMATI, RK; SINGH, AP; YOON, Y; MINAEV, S; KUMAR, S
2013Investigations on the Formation of Planar Flames in Mesoscale Divergent Channels and Prediction of Burning Velocity at High TemperaturesAKRAM, M; MINAEV, S; KUMAR, S
2016Measurement of laminar burning velocities of methanol-air mixtures at elevated temperaturesKATOCH, A; ASAD, M; MINAEV, S; KUMAR, S
2015Numerical investigations of unsteady flame propagation in stepped microtubesSINGH, AP; RATNAKISHORE, V; MINAEV, S; KUMAR, S
2013Oscillating and rotating flame patterns in radial microchannelsMINAEV, S; FURSENKO, R; SERESHCHENKO, E; FAN, AW; KUMAR, S
2014A prototype micro-thermoelectric power generator for micro-electromechanical systemsYADAV, S; SHARMA, P; YAMASANI, P; MINAEV, S; KUMAR, S
2016Temperature and radiative characteristics of cylindrical porous Ni-Al burnersFURSENKO, R; MAZNOY, A; ODINTSOV, E; KIRDYASHKIN, A; MINAEV, S; SUDARSHAN, K