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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Facile Cleavage of Organochalcogen Hybrid (NEEN, NEN, EN, where E = Se or Te) Ligand C-E and E-E Bonds by Pd(II)KAUR, R; MENON, SC; PANDA, S; SINGH, HB; PATEL, RP; BUTCHER, RJ
1996Intramolecularly coordinated low-valent organotellurium complexes derived from 1-(dimethylamino) naphthaleneMENON, SC; SINGH, HB; JASINSKI, JM; JASINSKI, JP; BUTCHER, RJ
1996New aspects of intramolecular coordination in organochalcogen (Se/Te) chemistryKAUR, R; MENON, SC; SINGH, HB
1995Ortho-tellurated derivatives of some arylamines and iminesREGINI, A; KAUR, R; SUDHA, N; MENON, SC; SINGH, HB
1997Synthesis and reactivity of chiral tellurium azomethines: Pseudopolymorphism of [o-((((1S,2R)-2-hydroxy-2-phenyl-1-methylethyl)amino)methinyl)phenyl] tellurium(IV) bromideMENON, SC; SINGH, HB; PATEL, RP; DAS, K; BUTCHER, RJ
2000Synthesis and single crystal X-ray structure of the first cationic Pd(II) complex of a tellurium-containing polyaza macrocycle: contrasting reactions of Pd(II) and Pt(II) with a 22-membered macrocyclic Schiff baseMENON, SC; PANDA, A; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
2001Synthesis of some macrocycles/bicycles from bis(o-formylphenyl) selenide: X-ray crystal structure of bis(o-formylphenyl) selenide and the first 28-membered selenium containing macrocyclic ligandPANDA, A; MENON, SC; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
2005Synthesis, characterization and coordination chemistry of some selenium-containing macrocyclic Schiff basesPANDA, A; MENON, SC; SINGH, HB; MORLEY, CP; BACHMAN, R; COCKER, TM; BUTCHER, RJ
1996Synthesis, structure and reactions of the first tellurium-containing macrocyclic Schiff baseMENON, SC; SINGH, HB; PATEL, RP; KULSHRESHTHA, SK
2004Tellurium azamacrocycles: synthesis, characterization and coordination studiesMENON, SC; PANDA, A; SINGH, HB; PATEL, RP; KULSHRESHTHA, SK; DARBY, WL; BUTCHER, RJ