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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011An accelerometer balance for the measurement of roll, lift and drag on a lifting model in a shock tunnelMENEZES, V; TRIVEDI, S; KUMAR, A
2017Comparative performance assessments of surface junction probes for stagnation heat flux estimation in a hypersonic shock tunnelAGARWAL, S; SAHOO, N; IRIMPAN, KJ; MENEZES, V; DESAI, S
2014Dynamic Calibration and Validation of an Accelerometer Force Balance for Hypersonic Lifting ModelsSINGH, P; TRIVEDI, S; MENEZES, V; HOSSEINI, H
2010Effectiveness of Aerospike for Drag Reduction on a Blunt Cone in Hypersonic FlowKULKARNI, V; MENEZES, V; REDDY, KPJ
2017Ignition delay study of aluminium oxide liquid nano-fuel in a shock tubeTRIPATHI, DK; GARG, G; AGRAWAL, U; MENEZES, V; BHANDARKAR, UV; PURANIK, BP
2015Impulse Force Balance for Ultrashort Duration Hypersonic Test FacilitiesSINGH, P; MENEZES, V; IRIMPAN, KJ; HOSSEINI, H
2012Laser Plasma Jet Driven Microparticles for DNA/Drug DeliveryMENEZES, V; MATHEW, Y; TAKAYAMA, K; KANNO, A; HOSSEINI, H
2012Measurement of yaw, pitch and side-force on a lifting model in a hypersonic shock tunnelTRIVEDI, S; MENEZES, V
2016A Miniature Shock Wave Driven Micro-Jet Injector for Needle-Free Vaccine/Drug DeliveryBATTULA, N; MENEZES, V; HOSSEINI, H
2015Motion of free-surface of shock-compressed water on emergence of rarefactionMENEZES, V; HOSSEINI, H; MOOSAVI-NEJAD, S; IRIMPAN, KJ; AKIYAMA, H
2015Performance evaluation of coaxial thermocouple against platinum thin film gauge for heat flux measurement in shock tunnelIRIMPAN, KJ; MANNIL, N; ARYA, H; MENEZES, V
2008Shock wave based biolistic device for DNA and drug deliveryNAKADA, M; MENEZES, V; KANNO, A; HOSSEIN, SHR; TAKAYAMA, K
2009Shock wave driven liquid microjets for drug deliveryMENEZES, V; KUMAR, S; TAKAYAMA, K
2008Shock wave driven microparticles for pharmaceutical applicationsMENEZES, V; TAKAYAMA, K; GOJANI, A; HOSSEINI, SHR
2014Shock wave interaction with interfaces between materials having different acoustic impedancesHOSSEINI, H; MOOSAVI-NEJAD, S; AKIYAMA, H; MENEZES, V
2015Thermal and inertial parameters of the flow field of a scramjet engineSURA, J; KUMAR, S; MENEZES, V
2015Visualization of incipient flow separation condition on hypersonic shock-boundary layer interactionTALSANIYA, HM; MENEZES, V; NITHIN, B; KULKARNI, V