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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Approximation Techniques for Transportation Network Design Problem under Demand UncertaintySHARMA, S; MATHEW, TV; UKKUSURI, SV
2008Heterogeneous traffic flow modelling for an arterial using grid based approachGUNDALIYA, PJ; MATHEW, TV; DHINGRA, SL
2013Hybrid Stochastic Cellular Automata-Driver-Vehicle-Object Simulation Model for Heterogeneous Traffic at Urban Signalized IntersectionsRADHAKRISHNAN, P; MATHEW, TV
2012Implications of the computational complexity of transit route network redesign for metaheuristic optimisation systemsBLUM, JJ; MATHEW, TV
2011Intelligent Agent Optimization of Urban Bus Transit System DesignBLUM, JJ; MATHEW, TV
2013Multiobjective Optimization Model for Transit Fleet Resource AllocationMISHRA, S; SHARMA, S; MATHEW, TV; KHASNABIS, S
2010Optimal resource allocation among transit agencies for fleet managementMATHEW, TV; KHASNABIS, S; MISHRA, S
2009Pareto Optimal Multiobjective Optimization for Robust Transportation Network Design ProblemSHARMA, S; UKKUSURI, SV; MATHEW, TV
2011Passenger car units and saturation flow models for highly heterogeneous traffic at urban signalised intersectionsRADHAKRISHNAN, P; MATHEW, TV
2013Preserving an aging transit fleet: An optimal resource allocation perspective based on service life and constrained budgetMISHRA, S; SHARMA, S; KHASNABIS, S; MATHEW, TV
2006Prototype time-space diary design and administration for a developing countryMURALIDHAR, B; MATHEW, TV; DHINGRA, SL
2007Robust transportation network design under demand uncertaintyUKKUSURI, SV; MATHEW, TV; WALLER, ST
2010Single-Stage Integer Programming Model for Long-Term Transit Fleet Resource AllocationMISHRA, S; MATHEW, TV; KHASNABIS, S
2015Strip-Based Approach for the Simulation of Mixed Traffic ConditionsMATHEW, TV; MUNIGETY, CR; BAJPAI, A
2004Transit route network design using parallel genetic algorithmAGRAWAL, J; MATHEW, TV
2015Vehicle Actuated Control for Heterogeneous Traffic Using Stop Line DetectionNULI, S; MATHEW, TV