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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Chemical composition and palaeobotanical origin of Miocene resins from Kerala-Konkan Coast, western IndiaDUTTA, S; MALLICK, M; MATHEWS, RP; MANN, U; GREENWOOD, PF; SAXENA, R
2006Chuaria circularis from the early Mesoproterozoic Suket Shale, Vindhyan Supergroup, India: Insights from light and electron microscopy and pyrolysis-gas chromatographyDUTTA, S; STEINER, M; BANERJEE, S; ERDTMANN, BD; JEEVANKUMAR, S; MANN, U
2007Highly aromatic character of biogeomacromolecules in Chitinozoa: A spectroscopic and pyrolytic studyDUTTA, S; BROCKE, R; HARTKOPF-FRODER, C; LITTKE, R; WILKES, H; MANN, U
2013Molecular characterization of fossil palynomorphs by transmission micro-FTIR spectroscopy: Implications for hydrocarbon source evaluationDUTTA, S; HARTKOPF-FRODER, C; WITTE, K; BROCKE, R; MANN, U
2011Petrology, palynology and organic geochemistry of Eocene lignite of Matanomadh, Kutch Basin, western India: Implications to depositional environment and hydrocarbon source potentialDUTTA, S; MATHEWS, RP; SINGH, BD; TRIPATHI, SM; SINGH, A; SARASWATI, PK; BANERJEE, S; MANN, U
2012Preserved lignin structures in early eocene Surat lignites, Cambay Basin, Western IndiaDUTTA, S; BHATTACHARYA, S; MALLICK, M; SHUKLA, AC; MANN, U
2006Stratigraphy, sedimentology and bulk organic geochemistry of black shales from the Proterozoic Vindhyan Supergroup (central India)BANERJEE, S; DUTTA, S; PAIKARAY, S; MANN, U
2011Terpenoid composition and botanical affinity of Cretaceous resins from India and MyanmarDUTTA, S; MALLICK, M; KUMAR, K; MANN, U; GREENWOOD, PF