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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Absorption and discharge capacity tests on natural prefabricated vertical drainsASHA, BS; MANDAL, JN
1993Bearing capacity of geosynthetic-reinforced soil using variational methodDIXIT, RK; MANDAL, JN
1995Bearing capacity of strip footing resting on reinforced sand subgradesMANDAL, JN; MANJUNATH, VR
1992Bearing capacity tests on geogrid-reinforced clayMANDAL, JN; SAH, HS
1994CAD of geogrid reinforced steep slopes using back wrapping techniquesMANDAL, JN; SHINDE, S
2003Centrifuge modelling of contaminant migration through composite linersHEGDE, RA; DODAGOUDAR, GR; MANDAL, JN
1996Centrifuge modelling of geosynthetic reinforced embankments on soft groundMANDAL, JN; JOSHI, AA
1996Design of geosynthetic reinforced embankments on soft soilMANDAL, JN; JOSHI, AA
2000Design of geosynthetic reinforced retaining wallsMANDAL, JN
2015Determination of passive earth pressure coefficients using limit equilibrium approach coupled with the Kotter equationPATKI, MA; MANDAL, JN; DEWAIKAR, DM
1993Dimensional analysis and modelling laws for bearing capacity of reinforced and unreinforced soilDIXIT, RK; MANDAL, JN
2014Expanded Polystyrene-Based Geomaterial with Fly AshPADADE, AH; MANDAL, JN
1991Experimental and finite element analysis on bearing capacity of geosynthetic reinforced sandMANDAL, JN; MHAISKAR, SY; MANJUNATH, VR
2007Experimental study for evaluating crack retardation of asphalt concrete overlaysBHOSALE, SS; MANDAL, JN
2007External stability of reinforced soil walls under seismic conditionsCHOUDHURY, D; NIMBALKAR, SS; MANDAL, JN
1996Investigations on soft clay subgrade strengthening using geocellsMHAISKAR, SY; MANDAL, JN
1984Metallic powders in reinforced earthHOSHIYA, M; MANDAL, JN
2015Model studies on cellular reinforced fly ash wallsLAL, BRR; MANDAL, JN
2016Model Studies on Geocell-Reinforced Fly Ash Bed Overlying Soft ClayDUTTA, S; MANDAL, JN