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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Analysis of synaptic quantal depolarizations in smooth muscle using the wavelet transformDESAI, UB; VAIDYA, PP; VENKATESWARLU, K; MANCHANDA, R
1998Characterization of autonomic release sites using the time-frequency analysis of junction potentials in smooth muscleGODBOLE, P; MANCHANDA, R; DESAI, UB; VENKATESWARLU, K
1998Characterization of single-channel depolarizations in smooth muscle by analysis of ATP-activated membrane voltage noiseMANCHANDA, R; DANGE, SY
2015A computational model of urinary bladder smooth muscle syncytiumAPPUKUTTAN, S; BRAIN, KL; MANCHANDA, R
1994A computer-simulation model for action-potential in an excitable membrane - commentMANCHANDA, R; VENKATESWARLU, K
1998Detection and characterization of evoked quantal depolarizations in smooth muscleMANCHANDA, R; VENKATESWARLU, K
2009Differences in biophysical properties of nucleus accumbens medium spiny neurons emerging from inactivation of inward rectifying potassium currentsSTEEPHEN, JE; MANCHANDA, R
2006Effects of carbenoxolone on syncytial electrical properties and junction potentials of guinea-pig vas deferensPALANI, D; GHILDYAL, P; MANCHANDA, R
2009Effects of coaction of dopaminergic modulation and inward rectifying potassium current inactivation on the biophysical properties of medium spiny neuronsSTEEPHEN, JE; MANCHANDA, R
2004Effects of cooling and ARL 67156 on synaptic ecto-ATPase activity in guinea pig and mouse vas deferensGHILDYAL, PARA; MANCHANDA, R
2007Effects of heptanol and carbenoxolone on noradrenaline induced contractions in guinea pig vas deferensPALANI, D; GHILDYAL, PARA; MANCHANDA, R
1997Effects of heptanol on electrical activity in the guinea-pig vas deferensMANCHANDA, R; VENKATESWARLU, K
2006Effects of heptanol on neurogenic contractions of vas deferens: A comparative study of stimulation frequency in guinea pig and ratPALANI, D; MANCHANDA, R
2001Effects of variation in intercellular electrical coupling on synaptic potentials in smooth muscle: A computational studySOURAV, S; MANCHANDA, R
1997Identification of the components of excitatory junction potentials in the guinea pig vas deferensMANCHANDA, R; VENKATESWARLU, K
2000Influence of the size of syncytial units on synaptic potentials in smooth muscleSOURAV, S; MANCHANDA, R
2014Measurement of spatial and temporal behavior of H-alpha emission from Aditya tokamak using a diagnostic based on a photomultiplier tube arrayCHOWDHURI, MB; GHOSH, J; MANCHANDA, R; KUMAR, A; BANERJEE, S; RAMAIYA, N; VIRANI, N; MALI, A; AMARDAS, A; KUMAR, P; TANNA, RL; GUPTA, CN; BHATT, SB; CHATTOPADHYAY, PK
1995Membrane current and potential change during neurotransmission in smooth-muscleMANCHANDA, R
1996Modification of pattern of excitatory junction currents in the guinea pig vas deferens by the gap junction uncoupler heptanoMANCHANDA, R; VENKATESWARLU, K
Showing results 1 to 20 of 29
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