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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Aircraft plume infrared signature in nonafterburning modeMAHULIKAR, SP; RAO, GA; SANE, SK; MARATHE, AG
2007Analytical estimation of solid angle subtended by complex well-resolved surfaces for infrared detection studiesMAHULIKAR, SP; POTNURU, SK; KOLHE, PS
2004Conceptual investigation of the entropy principle for identification of directives for creation, existence and total destruction of orderMAHULIKAR, SP; HERWIG, H
2006Cooling characteristics during bath quenching of test probe using inverse heat transferZHOU, JW; MAHULIKAR, SP
2005Effect of atmospheric transmission and radiance on aircraft infrared signaturesRAO, GA; MAHULIKAR, SP
2009Exact thermodynamic principles for dynamic order existence and evolution in chaosMAHULIKAR, SP; HERWIG, H
2008Fluid friction in incompressible laminar convection: Reynolds' analogy revisited for variable fluid propertiesMAHULIKAR, SP; HERWIG, H
2006Infrared signatures of low-flying aircraft and their rear fuselage skin's emissivity optimizationMAHULIKAR, SP; RAO, GA; KOLHE, PS
2009Infrared signature studies of Aircraft and HelicoptersMAHULIKAR, SP; RAO, GA; SONAWANE, HR; PRASAD, HSS
2008Infrared signature suppression of helicopter engine duct based on "Conceal and Camouflage"MAHULIKAR, SP; PRASAD, HSS; POTNURU, SK
2002Integrated review of stealth technology and its role in airpowerRAO, GA; MAHULIKAR, SP
2004Laminar gas micro-flow convection characteristics due to steep density gradientsMAHULIKAR, SP; HERWIG, H; HAUSNER, O; KOCK, F
2005Modified thermodynamic principles unifying order existence and evolutionMAHULIKAR, SP; HERWIG, H
2002A new classification for thermal development of fluid flow in a circular tube under laminar forced convectionMAHULIKAR, SP; TSO, CP
2001Numerical studies of infrared signature levels of complete aircraftMAHULIKAR, SP; SANE, SK; GAITONDE, UN; MARATHE, AG
2010Numerical study of compressible convective heat transfer with variations in all fluid propertiesGULHANE, NP; MAHULIKAR, SP
2006Physical effects in laminar microconvection due to variations in incompressible fluid propertiesMAHULIKAR, SP; HERWIG, H
2006Physical effects in pure continuum-based laminar micro-convection due to variation of gas propertiesMAHULIKAR, SP; HERWIG, H
2005Skin-temperature prediction of aircraft rear fuselage with multimode thermal modelMAHULIKAR, SP; KOLHE, PS; RAO, GA
Showing results 1 to 20 of 25
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