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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Correlations between silicic volcanic rocks of the St Mary's Islands (southwestern India) and eastern Madagascar: implications for Late Cretaceous India-Madagascar reconstructionsMELLUSO, L; SHETH, HC; MAHONEY, JJ; MORRA, V; PETRONE, CM; STOREY, M
1997Deccan Trap dioritic gabbros from the western Satpura-Tapi regionSHETH, HC; DUNCAN, RA; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; MAHONEY, JJ
1999Elemental and Nd–Sr–Pb isotope geochemistry of flows and dikes from the Tapi rift, Deccan flood basalt province, IndiaCHANDRASEKHARAM, D; MAHONEY, JJ; SHETH, HC; DUNCAN, RA
2011The Feeder System of the Deccan Traps (India): Insights from Dike GeochemistryVANDERKLUYSEN, L; MAHONEY, JJ; HOOPER, PR; SHETH, HC; RAY, R
2004Geochemical stratigraphy of Deccan flood basalts of the Bijasan Ghat section, Satpura Range, IndiaSHETH, HC; MAHONEY, JJ; CHANDRASEKHARA, D
2000Geochemistry of flood basalts of the Toranmal section, northern Deccan Traps, India: Implications for regional Deccan stratigraphyMAHONEY, JJ; SHETH, HC; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; PENG, ZX
2003Geochemistry of lavas from Mauritius, Indian Ocean: Mande source's and petrogenesisSHETH, HC; MAHONEY, JJ; BAXTER, AN
2009Geology and geochemistry of Pachmarhi dykes and sills, Satpura Gondwana Basin, central India: problems of dyke-sill-flow correlations in the Deccan TrapsSHETH, HC; RAY, JS; RAY, R; VANDERKLUYSEN, L; MAHONEY, JJ; KUMAR, A; SHUKLA, AD; DAS, P; ADHIKARI, S; JANA, B