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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Attainable regions of reactive distillation-Part I. single reactant non-azeotropic systemsAGARWAL, VISHAL; THOTLA, SUMAN; MAHAJANI, SANJAY
2008Attainable regions of reactive distillation. Part II: single reactant azeotropic systemsAGARWAL, VISHAL; THOTLA, SUMAN; KAUR, RUPINDER; MAHAJANI, SANJAY
2007CFD modeling of pilot-scale pump-mixer: single-phase head and power characteristicsSINGH, KK; MAHAJANI, SANJAY; SHENOY, KT; PATWARDHAN, AW; GHOSH, SK
2008Experimental and CFD estimation of heat transfer in helically coiled heat exchangersJAYAKUMAR, JS; MAHAJANI, SANJAY; MANDAL, JC; VIJAYAN, PK; BHOI, ROHIDAS
2007Fischer-Tropsch synthesis using bio-syngas and CO2SRINIVAS, S; MALIK, RANJAN KUMAR; MAHAJANI, SANJAY
2006In situ coating on cation exchange resin catalyst, Amberlyst-15, and its impact on the hydration of dicyclopentadieneTALWALKAR, SANDIP; KUMBHAR, PRAMOD; MAHAJANI, SANJAY
2008Non-equilibrium stage modeling and non-linear dynamic effects in the synthesis of TAME by reactive distillationKATARIYA, AMIT M; KAMATH, RAVINDRA S; MOUDGALYA, KM; MAHAJANI, SANJAY
2009Reactive distillation with side drawTHOTLA, SUMAN; MAHAJANI, SANJAY
2008Recovery of trifluoroacetic acid from dilute aqueous solutions by reactive distillationMAHAJAN, YOGESH S; SHAH, ANKUR K; KAMATH, RAVINDRA S; SALVE, NANDKUMAR B; MAHAJANI, SANJAY
2008Representative drop sizes and drop size distributions in A/O dispersions in continuous flow stirred tankSINGH, KK; MAHAJANI, SANJAY; SHENOY, KT; GHOSH, SK
2007Simultaneous production of diacetone alcohol and mesityl oxide from acetone using reactive distillationTHOTLA, SUMAN; AGARWAL, VISHAL; MAHAJANI, SANJAY
2006Synthesis of methyl isobutyl ketone from acetone over metal-doped ion exchange resin catalystTALWALKAR, SANDIP; MAHAJANI, SANJAY
2007Underground coal gasification: a new clean coal utilization technique for IndiaKHADSE, ANIL; MOHAMMED QAYYUMI; MAHAJANI, SANJAY; AGHALAYAM, PREETI