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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Acetalization of Glycerol with Formaldehyde by Reactive DistillationHASABNIS, A; MAHAJANI, S
2012Attainable region of reactive distillation-Part IV: Inclusion of multistage units for complex reaction schemesAMTE, V; GAIKWAD, R; MALIK, R; MAHAJANI, S
2011Attainable regions of reactive distillation-Part III. Complex reaction scheme: Van de Vusse reactionAMTE, V; NISTALA, S; MALIK, R; MAHAJANI, S
2016Cobalt molybdenum oxide catalysts for selective oxidation of cyclohexaneUNNARKAT, AP; SRIDHAR, T; WANG, HT; MAHAJANI, S; SURESH, AK
2013Comparison between two types of Indian coals for the feasibility of Underground Coal Gasification through laboratory scale experimentsBHASKARAN, S; GANESH, A; MAHAJANI, S; AGHALAYAM, P; SAPRU, RK; MATHUR, DK
2015Comparison of reactive chromatography and reactive distillation for the synthesis of C1-C4 acetatesREDDY, B; BHAT, R; AGRAWAL, A; PATIDAR, P; MAHAJANI, S
2010Entrainer-Based Reactive Distillation for Esterification of Glycerol with Acetic AcidHASABNIS, A; MAHAJANI, S
2012Entrainer-Based Reactive Distillation for the Synthesis of 2-Ethylhexyl AcetatePATIDAR, P; MAHAJANI, S
2003Esterification of acetic acid with butanol in the presence of ion-exchange resins as catalystsGANGADWALA, J; MANKAR, S; MAHAJANI, S; KIENLE, A; STEIN, E
2013Esterification of Oleic Acid with Glycerol in the Presence of Supported Zinc Oxide as CatalystSINGH, D; PATIDAR, P; GANESH, A; MAHAJANI, S
2015Experimental studies on spalling characteristics of Indian lignite coal in context of underground coal gasificationBHASKARAN, S; SAMDANI, G; AGHALAYAM, P; GANESH, A; SINGH, RP; SAPRU, RK; JAIN, PK; MAHAJANI, S
2014Feasibility of Reactive Chromatography for the Synthesis of n-Propyl AcetateREDDY, B; MAHAJANI, S
2015Heterogeneous catalysis for biodiesel synthesis and valorization of glycerolSINGH, D; GANESH, A; MAHAJANI, S
2006Hydration of dicyclopentadiene in the presence of cation exchange resinTALWALKAR, S; KUMBHAR, P; MAHAJANI, S
2006Kinetic studies on the dimerization of isobutene with ion-exchange resin in the presence of water as a selectivity enhancerTALWALKAR, S; CHAUHAN, M; AGHALAYAM, P; QI, ZW; SUNDMACHER, K; MAHAJANI, S
2017Kinetics of heterogeneous reactions with coal in context of underground coal gasificationSAMDANI, G; GANESH, A; AGHALAYAM, P; SAPRU, RK; LOHAR, BL; MAHAJANI, S
2016A process model for underground coal gasification - Part-I: Cavity growthSAMDANI, G; AGHALAYAM, P; GANESH, A; SAPRU, RK; LOHAR, BL; MAHAJANI, S
2016A process model for underground coal gasification - Part-II growth of outflow channelSAMDANI, G; AGHALAYAM, P; GANESH, A; SAPRU, RK; LOHAR, BL; MAHAJANI, S
2004Production of butyl acetate by catalytic distillation: Process design studiesGANGADWALA, J; KIENLE, A; STEIN, E; MAHAJANI, S
2008Reactive chromatography for the synthesis of 2-ethylhexyl acetateGYANI, VC; MAHAJANI, S