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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200631P NMR study of the spin S = 1/2 quasi-1D Heisenberg antiferromagnet BaCuP2O7MAHAJAN, AV; NATH, R; BÜTTGEN, N; KEGLER, C; LOIDL, A; BOBROFF, J
2011(75)As NMR study of antiferromagnetic fluctuations in Ba(Fe(1-x)Ru(x))(2)As(2)DEY, T; KHUNTIA, P; MAHAJAN, AV; SHARMA, S; BHARATHI, A
20077Li NMR studies on the triangular lattice system LiCrO2ALEXANDER, LK; BUTTGEN, N; NATH, R; MAHAJAN, AV; LOIDL, A
1996B-11 and Pt-195 NMR studies in the normal state of substituted borocarbide superconductors Y0.98Er0.02Ni2B2C and LaPt1.5Au0.6B2CELANKUMARAN, K; MAHAJAN, AV; GUPTA, LC; HOSSAIN, Z; NAGARAJAN, R; VIJAYARAGHAVAN, R
2004Comparison of S=0 and S=1/2 impurities in the Haldane chain compound Y2BaNiO5DAS, J; MAHAJAN, AV; BOBROFF, J; ALLOUL, H; ALET, F; SORENSEN, ES
2010Doping effects in the coupled, two-leg spin ladder BiCu(2)PO(6)KOTESWARARAO, B; MAHAJAN, AV; ALEXANDER, LK; BOBROFF, J
2005Effect of doping in BaNi2V2O8, a two-dimensional honeycomb antiferromagnetNATH, R; DAS, J; MAHAJAN, AV
2009Electronic structure of Na(2)CuP(2)O(7): a nearly 2D Heisenberg antiferromagnetic systemSALUNKE, S; SINGH, VR; MAHAJAN, AV; DASGUPTA, I
2007Electronic structure of spin-shape-1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnetic systems: Ba2Cu(PO4)(2) and Sr2Cu(PO4)(2)SALUNKE, SS; AHSAN, MAH; NATH, R; MAHAJAN, AV; DASGUPTA, I
2010Impurity effects in coupled-ladder BiCu(2)PO(6) studied by NMR and quantum Monte Carlo simulationsALEXANDER, LK; BOBROFF, J; MAHAJAN, AV; KOTESWARARAO, B; LAFLORENCIE, N; ALET, F
2009Impurity-Induced Magnetic Order in Low-Dimensional Spin-Gapped MaterialsBOBROFF, J; LAFLORENCIE, N; ALEXANDER, LK; MAHAJAN, AV; KOTESWARARAO, B; MENDELS, P
1998Li-7 and V-51 NMR study of the heavy-fermion compound LiV2O4MAHAJAN, AV; SALA, R; LEE, E; BORSA, F; KONDO, S; JOHNSTON, DC
2008Magnetic properties and electronic structure of S=1/2 spin gap compound BaCu(2)V(2)O(8)SALUNKE, SS; MAHAJAN, AV; DASGUPTA, I
2001Magnetic properties of Ni-doped Sr2CuO3MAHAJAN, AV; VENKATARAMANI, N
2010Magnetic susceptibility and heat capacity of a novel antiferromagnet: LiNi(2)P(3)O(10) and the effect of dopingKHUNTIA, P; MAHAJAN, AV
2000Magnetism and spin dynamics in the cluster compound [Cr4S(O2CCH3)(8)(H2O)(4)](NO3)(2)center dot H2OFURUKAWA, Y; LUBAN, M; BORSA, F; JOHNSTON, DC; MAHAJAN, AV; MILLER, LL; MENTRUP, D; SCHNACK, J; BINO, A
2006NMR study of lineshifts and relaxation rates of the one-dimensional antiferromagnet LiCuVO4KEGLER, C; BUTTGEN, N; VON NIDDA, HAK; LOIDL, A; NATH, R; MAHAJAN, AV; PROKOFIEV, AV; ASSMUS, W
2006P-31 NMR study of Na2CuP2O7: an S=1/2 two dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnetic systemNATH, R; MAHAJAN, AV; BUTTGEN, N; KEGLER, C; HEMBERGER, J; LOIDL, A
2006P-31 NMR study of the spin S=1/2 quasi-1D Heisenberg antiferromagnet BaCuP2O7MAHAJAN, AV; NATH, R; BUTTGEN, N; KEGLER, C; LOIDL, A; BOBROFF, J
2009Reply To "Comment On 'Electronic Structure Of Spin-(1)/(2) Heisenberg Antiferromagnetic Systems: Ba(2)Cu(Po(4))(2) And Sr(2)Cu(Po(4))(2)' "SALUNKE, S; AHSAN, MAH; NATH, R; MAHAJAN, AV; DASGUPTA, I
Showing results 1 to 20 of 26
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