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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The benzophenanthridine alkaloid sanguinarine perturbs microtubule assembly dynamics through tubulin bindingLOPUS, M; PANDA, D
2015Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of di-substituted noscapine analogs as potent and microtubule-targeted anticancer agentsMISHRA, RC; GUNDALA, SR; KARNA, P; LOPUS, M; GUPTA, KK; NAGARAJU, M; HAMELBERG, D; TANDON, V; PANDA, D; REID, MD; ANEJA, R
2006Development of a novel nitro-derivative of noscapine for the potential treatment of drug-resistant ovarian cancer and t-cell lymphomaANEJA, R; VANGAPANDU, SN; LOPUS, M; CHANDRA, R; PANDA, D; JOSHI, HC
2012In silico inspired design and synthesis of a novel tubulin-binding anti-cancer drug: folate conjugated noscapine (Targetin)NAIK, PK; LOPUS, M; ANEJA, R; VANGAPANDU, SN; JOSHI, HC
2013Mechanism of mitotic arrest induced by dolastatin 15 involves loss of tension across kinetochore pairsLOPUS, M
2005Rational design of noscapine family members as microtubule-targeting anticancer drugs.ANEJA, R; LOPUS, M; NETTLES, JH; PANDA, D; JOSHI, HC
2006Rational design of the microtubule-targeting anti-breast cancer drug EM015ANEJA, R; LOPUS, M; ZHOU, J; VANGAPANDU, SN; GHALEB, A; YAO, J; NETTLES, JH; ZHOU, BF; GUPTA, M; PANDA, D; CHANDRA, R; JOSHI, HC
2006Synthesis and biological evaluation of cyclic-ether analogs of noscapine that improved anti-tumor efficacy in vitroVANGAPANDU, S; ANEJA, R; LOPUS, M; PANDA, D; JOSHI, HC
2008Synthesis of microtubule-interfering halogenated noscapine analogs that perturb mitosis in cancer cells followed by cell death (vol 72, pg 415, 2006)ANEJA, R; VANYAPANDU, SN; LOPUS, M; VISWESARAPPA, VG; DHIMAN, N; VERMA, A; CHANDRA, R; PANDA, D; JOSHI, HC
2009Synthesis of nano-sized C(3)-symmetric 2,4,6-triphenyl-1,3,5-s-triazine and 1,3,5-triphenylbenzene derivatives via the trimerization followed by Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling or O-alkylation reactions and their biological evaluationKOTHA, S; KASHINATH, D; LOPUS, M; PANDA, D
2006Synthesis of potent microtubule-interfering halogenated noscapine analogs that inhibit cellular proliferation and perturb mitosisANEJA, R; VANGAPANDU, S; LOPUS, M; PANDA, D; JOSHI, HC