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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Ab-initio study of NiGe/Ge Schottky contactVAIDYA, D; LODHA, S; GANGULY, S
2015Assignment of trainees to software project requirements: A stable matching based approachGHAROTE, M; PATIL, R; LODHA, S; RAMAN, R
2013Band gap bowing and band offsets in relaxed and strained Si1-xGex alloys by employing a new nonlinear interpolation schemeSANT, S; LODHA, S; GANGULY, U; MAHAPATRA, S; HEINZ, FO; SMITH, L; MOROZ, V; GANGULY, S
2013Contact resistivity reduction through interfacial layer doping in metal-interfacial layer-semiconductor contactsGUPTA, S; MANIK, PP; MISHRA, RK; NAINANI, A; ABRAHAM, MC; LODHA, S
2015Contacts on n-type germanium using variably doped zinc oxide and highly doped indium tin oxide interfacial layersMANIK, PP; LODHA, S
2015Enhanced Ge n(+)/p Junction Performance Using Cryogenic Phosphorus ImplantationBHATT, P; SWARNKAR, P; MISRA, A; BISWAS, J; HATEM, C; NAINANI, A; LODHA, S
2017Enhanced thermal stability of Ti/TiO2/n-Ge contacts through plasma nitridation of TiO2 interfacial layerBISWAS, D; BISWAS, J; GHOSH, S; WOOD, B; LODHA, S
2014Epitaxially Defined FinFET: Variability Resistant and High-Performance TechnologyMITTAL, S; GUPTA, S; NAINANI, A; ABRAHAM, MC; SCHUEGRAF, K; LODHA, S; GANGULY, U
2017Exciton Emission Intensity Modulation of Monolayer MoS2 via Au Plasmon CouplingMUKHERJEE, B; KAUSHIK, N; TRIPATHI, RPN; JOSEPH, AM; MOHAPATRA, PK; DHAR, S; SINGH, BP; KUMAR, GVP; SIMSEK, E; LODHA, S
2016Few-Layer MoS2 p-Type Devices Enabled by Selective Doping Using Low Energy Phosphorus ImplantationNIPANE, A; KARMAKAR, D; KAUSHIK, N; KARANDE, S; LODHA, S
2013Germanium oxynitride gate interlayer dielectric formed on Ge(100) using decoupled plasma nitridationBHATT, P; CHAUDHURI, K; KOTHARI, S; NAINANI, A; LODHA, S
2014High Performance 400 degrees C p(+)/n Ge Junctions Using Cryogenic Boron ImplantationBHATT, P; SWARNKAR, P; BASHEER, F; HATEM, C; NAINANI, A; LODHA, S
2013The Impact of n-p-n Selector-Based Bipolar RRAM Cross-Point on Array PerformanceMANDAPATI, R; BORKAR, AS; SRINIVASAN, VSS; BAFNA, P; KARKARE, P; LODHA, S; GANGULY, U
2016Improved n-channel Ge gate stack performance using HfAlO high-k dielectric for various Al concentrationsKOTHARI, S; JOISHI, C; GHOSH, S; BISWAS, D; VAIDYA, D; GANGULY, S; LODHA, S
2016Interfacial n-Doping Using an Ultrathin TiO2 Layer for Contact Resistance Reduction in MoS2KAUSHIK, N; KARMAKAR, D; NIPANE, A; KARANDE, S; LODHA, S
2000Ionizing-radiation induced degradation of SiGeHBTsTOPKAR, A; LODHA, S; MAHFOOZ, AT; VASI, J; LAL, R; NANVER, L
2016Low resistivity contact on n-type Ge using low work-function Yb with a thin TiO2 interfacial layerDEV, S; REMESH, N; RAWAL, Y; MANIK, PP; WOOD, B; LODHA, S
2017Modulation-doped beta-(Al0.2Ga0.8)(2)O-3/Ga2O3 field-effect transistorKRISHNAMOORTHY, S; XIA, ZB; JOISHI, C; ZHANG, YW; MCGLONE, J; JOHNSON, J; BRENNER, M; AREHART, AR; HWANG, JW; LODHA, S; RAJAN, S
2012Nanocrystal-based Ohmic contacts on n and p-type germaniumKISHORE, VP; PARAMAHANS, P; SADANA, S; GANGULY, U; LODHA, S
2013On Pairing of Bipolar RRAM Memory With NPN Selector Based on Set/Reset Array Power ConsiderationsMANDAPATI, R; BORKAR, A; SRINIVASAN, VSS; BAFNA, P; KARKARE, P; LODHA, S; RAJENDRAN, B; GANGULY, U