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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Device degradation of n-channel poly-Si TFTs due to high-field, hot-carrier and radiation stressingKHAMESRA, A; LAL, RAKESH; VASI, J; AKUMAR, KP; SIN, KO
1998Electrochemistry of polyaniline Langmuir–Blodgett filmsDABKE, RB; DHANABALAN, A; MAJOR, SS; TALWAR, SS; LAL, RAKESH; CONTRACTOR, AQ
2005A low-power and compact analog CMOS processing chip for portable ECG recordersBAGHINI, MS; LAL, RAKESH; SHARMA, DK
2002MEMS: technology, design, CAD and applicationsLAL, RAKESH; APTE, PR; BHAT, KN; BOSE, G; CHANDRA, S; SHARMA, DK
1993Net positive-charge buildup in various MOS insulators due to high-field stressingVASI, J; PATRIKAR, RM; LAL, RAKESH
2007A novel dry method for surface modification of SU-8 for immobilization of biomolecules in Bio-MEMSJOSHI, M; KALE, NITIN; LAL, RAKESH; RAMGOPAL RAO, V; MUKHERJI, SOUMYA
2001Photoluminescent, wide-bandgap a-SiC:H alloy films deposited by Cat- CVD using acetyleneKUMBHAR, ALKA A; PATIL, SAMADHAN B; KUMAR, SANJAY; LAL, RAKESH; DUSANE, RO
2002Physical mechanisms for pulsed AC stress degradation in thin gate oxide MOSFETsMUTHA, YATIN M; LAL, RAKESH; RAMGOPAL RAO, V
2005SEU reliability analysis of advanced deep-submicron transistorsVASI, J; JAIN, PALKESH; LAL, RAKESH
2004Single-event-induced barrier lowering in deep-submicron MOS devices and circuitsJAIN, PALKESH; VASI, J; LAL, RAKESH
2004An ultra low-power CMOS instrumentation amplifier for biomedical applicationsBAGHINI, MS; LAL, RAKESH; SHARMA, DK