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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Assembling Discrete D4R Zeolite SBUs through Noncovalent Interactions. 3. Mediation by Butanols and 1,2-Bis(dimethylamino)ethaneMURUGAVEL, R; KUPPUSWAMY, S; GOGOI, N; STEINER, A
2009Controlling the Structure of Manganese(II) Phosphates by the Choice and Ratio of Organophosphate and Auxiliary LigandsMURUGAVEL, R; KUPPUSWAMY, S; GOGOI, N; STEINER, A; BACSA, J; BOOMISHANKAR, R; SURESH, KG
2008Cooperative binding of phosphate anion and a neutral nitrogen donor to alkaline-earth metal ions. Investigation of group 2 metal-organophosphate interaction in the absence and presence of 1,10-phenanthrolineMURUGAVEL, R; KUPPUSWAMY, S; RANDOLL, S
2009Di-, tri-, tetra-, and hexanuclear copper(ii) mono-organophosphates: structure and nuclearity dependence on the choice of phosphorus substituents and auxiliary n-donor ligandsMURUGAVEL, R; KUPPUSWAMY, S; MAITY, AN; SINGH, MP
2008Facile one-pot synthesis of functionalized organophosphonate esters via ketone insertion into bulky arylphosphitesMURUGAVEL, R; KUPPUSWAMY, S
2006Hierarchical structures built from a molecular zinc phosphate coreMURUGAVEL, R; KUPPUSWAMY, S; BOOMISHANKAR, R; STEINER, A
2010Noncovalent synthesis of hierarchical zinc phosphates from a single zn(4)o(12)p(4) double-four-ring building block: dimensionality control through the choice of auxiliary ligandsMURUGAVEL, R; KUPPUSWAMY, S; GOGOI, N; BOOMISHANKAR, R; STEINER, A
2006Octameric and decameric aluminophosphatesMURUGAVEL, R; KUPPUSWAMY, S
2008Organic-soluble tri-, tetra-, and pentanuclear titanium(IV) phosphatesMURUGAVEL, R; KUPPUSWAMY, S
2008Structural diversity in organotin compounds derived from bulky monoaryl phosphates: Dimeric, tetrameric, and polymeric tin phosphate complexesMURUGAVEL, R; SHANMUGAN, S; KUPPUSWAMY, S
2008Water in organoaluminum chemistry! Three-in-one aluminophosphate clusters that incorporate boehmite repeating unitsMURUGAVEL, R; KUPPUSWAMY, S
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11


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