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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008BriMon : a sensor network system for Railway bridge monitoringCHEBROLU, K; RAMAN, B; MISHRA, N; VALIVETI, PK; KUMAR, R
2013Carbon nanotube-gold nanohybrids for selective catalytic oxidation of alcoholsKUMAR, R; GRAVEL, E; HAGEGE, A; LI, HY; JAWALE, DV; VERMA, D; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN; DORIS, E
2010Cloud computing over metropolitan area WDM networks : the Light-trails approachGOKHALE, P; KUMAR, R; DAS, T; GUMASTE, A
2014Comparative electromagnetic analysis of ridge waveguide transitions for RF power couplersKUMAR, R; SINGH, P; MATHUR, P; KUMAR, G
2014Comparative proteomics of mitosis and meiosis in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeKUMAR, R; DHALI, S; SRIKANTH, R; GHOSH, SK; SRIVASTAVA, S
2006A continuous process for the recovery of lactic acid by reactive distillationKUMAR, R; NANAVATI, H; NORONHA, SB; MAHAJANI, SM
2014Crystal structure and negative magnetization in Sm2Al and Sm1.988Gd0.012Al compoundsKUMAR, P; KUMAR, R; PANDEY, S; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2014The Deccan tholeiite lavas and dykes of Ghatkopar-Powai area, Mumbai, Panvel flexure zone: Geochemistry, stratigraphic status, and tectonic significanceSHETH, HC; ZELLMER, GF; DEMONTEROVA, EI; IVANOV, AV; KUMAR, R; PATEL, RK
2010Decoupling behavior in (132)LaKUMAR, V; DAS, P; LAKSHMI, S; JOSHI, PK; JAIN, HC; SINGH, RP; KUMAR, R; MURALITHAR, S; BHOWMIK, RK
2006Defect centres and thermoluminescence in CaSO4 : Dy, Ag phosphorBHATT, BC; DHABEKAR, B; KUMAR, R; RAO, TKG; LAKSHMANAN, AR
2013Development of particulate matter speciation profiles for major sources in six cities in IndiaPATIL, RS; KUMAR, R; MENON, R; SHAH, MK; SETHI, V
2013Direct Reductive Amination of Aldehydes Catalyzed by Carbon Nanotube/Gold NanohybridsKUMAR, R; GRAVEL, E; HAGEGE, A; LI, HY; VERMA, D; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN; DORIS, E
2015Edge configurational effect on band gaps in graphene nanoribbonsDEEPIKA; KUMAR, TJD; SHUKLA, A; KUMAR, R
2009Effect of Loop Configuration on Steam Drum Level Control for a Multiple Drum Interconnected Loops Pressure Tube Type Boiling Water ReactorGAIKWAD, AJ; VIJAYAN, PK; IYER, K; BHARTIYA, S; KUMAR, R; LELE, HG; GHOSH, AK; KUSHWAHA, HS; SINHA, RK
2015Effect of temperature-dependent viscosity variation on fully developed laminar microconvective flowKUMAR, R; MAHULIKAR, SP
2013Effect of ZnO buffer layer thickness on the epitaxial growth of GaN by reactive magnetron sputteringMOHANTA, P; SINGH, D; KUMAR, R; GANGULI, T; SRINIVASA, RS; MAJOR, SS
2005Electron spin resonance and thermoluminescence studies in CaSO4: Dy,Ag phosphorDHABEKAR, B; MENON, S; KUMAR, R; RAO, TKG; BHATT, BC; LAKSHMANAN, AR
2003Energy transfer process in CaSO4 : Tb,Ce phosphorSANAYE, SS; DHABEKAR, BS; KUMAR, R; MENON, SN; SHINDE, SS; RAO, TKG; BHATT, BC
2004Enhancement of T(c) in EuSr(2)Cu(2+x)Ru(1-x)O(8-y) magnetic superconductorKUMAR, R; PUSHP, A; TOMY, CV; NAGARAJAN, R; PAUL, DM
2007Esterification of lactic acid with n-butanol by reactive distillationKUMAR, R; MAHAJANI, SM
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