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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation analysis using only high performance liquid chromatographyKUMAR, M; SAINI, S; GAYEN, K
2014C-H center dot center dot center dot pi interactions in proteins: prevalence, pattern of occurrence, residue propensities, location, and contribution to protein stabilityKUMAR, M; BALAJI, PV
1998Carbon fibers from keroseneSHARON, M; KUMAR, M; KICHAMBARE, PD; ANDO, Y; ZHAO, XL
2002Carbon nanotubes from camphor by catalytic CVDKUMAR, M; ZHAO, XL; ANDO, Y; IIJIMA, S; SHARON, M; HIRAHARA, K
2011Comparative genomics analysis of completely sequenced microbial genomes reveals the ubiquity of N-linked glycosylation in prokaryotesKUMAR, M; BALAJI, PV
1999Contribution of sp(3) clusters in films and fibers obtained from camphorRZEPKA, E; LUSSON, A; LEVY-CLEMENT, C; KUMAR, M; MUKHOPADHYAY, K; SHARON, M
2007Deformation pattern in a proterozoic low pressure metamorphic belt near ramanujganj, western chhotanagpur terranePATEL, SC; SUNDARARAMAN, S; DEY, R; THAKUR, S; KUMAR, M
2016Distributed manufacturing: scope, challenges and opportunitiesSRAI, JS; KUMAR, M; GRAHAM, G; PHILLIPS, W; TOOZE, J; FORD, S; BEECHER, P; RAJ, B; GREGORY, M; TIWARI, MK; RAVI, B; NEELY, A; SHANKAR, R; CHARNLEY, F; TIWARI, A
1998Effect of pyrolyzing time and temperature on the bandgap of camphor-pyrolyzed semiconducting carbon filmsSHARON, M; JAIN, S; KICHAMBARE, PD; KUMAR, M
1998Electrochemical studies of kerosene-pyrolysed carbon filmsSHARON, M; KUMAR, M; KICHAMBARE, PD; NEUMANN-SPALLART, M
1997Electrodeposition of lead sulphide in acidic mediumSHARON, M; RAMAIAH, KS; KUMAR, M; NEUMANN-SPALLART, M; LEVY-CLEMENT, C
2001Electron field emission from carbon films grown from pyrolysis of keroseneKUMAR, M; SHARON, M; ANDO, Y; ZHAO, XL
2014Elementary mode analysis reveals that Clostridium acetobutylicum modulates its metabolic strategy under external stressKUMAR, M; SAINI, S; GAYEN, K
2017FE modeling of burr size in high- speed micro-milling of Ti6Al4VYADAV, AK; KUMAR, M; BAJPAI, V; SINGH, NK; SINGH, RK
2017Guest Editorial: Special Section on Nano Devices, Circuits and SystemsRAO, VR; SARKAR, CK; NIRMAL, D; KUMAR, M
2000Lithium-ion intercalation into carbons derived from pyrolysis of camphorSHARON, H; KUMAR, M; KICHAMBARE, PD; AVERY, NR; BLACK, KJ
2010Long term hydrophilic coating on poly(dimethylsiloxane) substrates for microfluidic applicationsMAHESHWARI, N; KOTTANTHARAYIL, A; KUMAR, M; MUKHERJI, S
2008Modeling demand rate and imperfect proof-test and analysis of their effect on system safetyKUMAR, M; VERMA, AK; SRIVIDYA, A
2003Nano-octopus: A new form of branching carbon nanofiberPRADHAN, D; SHARON, M; KUMAR, M; ANDO, Y
2002Nano-range octopus type vapor grown carbon fibers from camphorPRADHAN, D; SHARON, M; KUMAR, M; ANDO, Y