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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Cycloaddition approach to benzo-annulated indane-based α-amino acid derivativesKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; GHOSH, ARUN KUMAR
2004A Diels-Alder approach for the synthesis of highly functionalized benzo-annulated indane-based α-amino acid derivatives via a sultine intermediateKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; GHOSH, ARUN KUMAR
2000Diels-Alder approach to tetralin-based constrained α-amino acid derivativesKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; THOTA, GANESH; GHOSH, ARUN KUMAR
2002Enantioselective synthesis of (+)-4-demethoxy-1,4-dimethyldaunomycinoneKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; STOODLEY, RICHARD J
2004Environmentally benign process for the synthesis of N-formyl amino acid estersKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; BEHERA, MANORANJAN; KHEDKAR, PRITI
2002First and unexpected synthesis of macrocyclic cyclophane-based unusual α-amino acid derivatives by phosphazene base without high dilution conditionsKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; HALDER, SOMNATH; DAMODHARAN, LAKSHMINARASIMHAN; PATTABHI, VASANTHA
2007Metathesis of a novel dienediyne system: a unique example involving the usage of in situ generated ethylene as cross-enyne metathesis partnerKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; MANDAL, KALYANESWAR
2004Metathetic approach to naphthoxepin and spirocyclic molecular frameworksKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; MANDAL, KALYANESWAR
2001Modification of constrained peptides by ring-closing metathesis reactionKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; SREENIVASACHARY, NAMPALLY; KUMAR MOHANRAJA; DURANI, SUSHEEL
2004N-Alkylation of diethyl acetamidomalonate: synthesis of constrained amino acid derivatives by ring-closing metathesisKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; SINGH, KULDEEP
2001A new approach for modification of phenylalanine peptides by Suzuki-Miyaura coupling reactionKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; LAHIRI, KAKALI
2004A new protocol for benzoannulation by double Claisen rearrangement and ring-closing metathesis reactions as key stepsKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; MANDAL, KALYANESWAR
2000A new synthetic approach to 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline-3-carboxylic acid (Tic) derivatives via a [2+2+2] cycloaddition reactionKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; SREENIVASACHARY, NAMPALLY
2004Optimization of interactions in crystal packing revealed by crystal structures [ethyl 2-(formylamino)-3-thien-2-yl-2-(thien-2-ylmethyl)propanoate and ethyl 3-(5-bromothien-2-yl)-2-[(5-bromothien-2-yl)methyl]-2-(formylamino)propanoate]DAMODHARAN, LAKSHMINARASIMHAN; PATTABHI, VASANTHA; BEHERA, MANORANJAN; KOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO
2002Recent applications of the Suzuki–Miyaura cross-coupling reaction in organic synthesisKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; LAHIRI, KAKALI; DHURKE, KASHINATH
2001Recent chemistry of benzocyclobutenesMEHTA, GOVERDHAN; KOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO
2000Shape and size effects in the crystal structures of complexes of 1,3,5-trinitrobenzene with some trigonal donors: the benzene–thiophene exchange ruleTHALLAPALLY, PRAVEEN K; CHAKRABORTY, KAKALI; CARRELL, HL; KOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; DESIRAJU, GAUTAM R
2004Synthesis and reactions of silicon containing cyclic α-amino acid derivativesKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; BRAHMACHARY, ENUGURTHI
2001Synthesis of benzocycloheptene-based amino acid derivatives via a [4+2] cycloaddition reaction as a key stepKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; SREENIVASACHARY, NAMPALLY; BRAHMACHARY, ENUGURTHI
2002Synthesis of constrained phenylalanine derivatives via a [2+2+2] cycloaddition strategyKOTHA, SAMBASIVARAO; BRAHMACHARY, ENUGURTHI