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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Configurational and conformational analyses of alpha-methylene-gamma-butyro steroidal spirolactonesSAWANT, MS; NADKARNI, PJ; DESAI, UR; KATOCH, R; KORDE, SS; TRIVEDI, GK
1996Conformational studies of sterically comparable 2,4-disubstituted bicyclo[3.3.1]nonan-9-one systems .2.RAVISHANKAR, L; KORDE, SS; TRIVEDI, GK
1996Differential behavior of (25R)-5,6-epoxyspirostan-22 alpha-O-3 beta-ol and (25R)-5,6-epoxyspirostan-22 alpha-O-3 beta,4 beta-diol toward DowexKORDE, SS; BAIG, MHA; DESAI, UR; TRIVEDI, GK
2009Discriminatory protein binding by a library of 96 new affinity resins: A novel dye-affinity chromatography tool-kitKUMAR, S; DALVI, DB; MOORTHY, M; KORDE, SS; FONDEKAR, KP; SAHASRABUDHE, SD; SCHACHT, HT; EKKUNDI, VS; HALIK, C; CHOUDHURY, R; KUMAR, A; PUNEKAR, NS
1999New analogous progesterone haptens and their A/B ring conformation: Determination of dihedral angles using extended Karplus equationsKORDE, SS; UDASI, RA; TRIVEDI, GK
1997Oxidation, of steroidal 5-en-3 beta-ol with pyridinium chlorochromate: Isolation of key intermediate, steroidal 6 beta-hydroxy-4-en-3-oneKORDE, SS; UDASI, RA; TRIVEDI, GK
1999Synthesis of potential pregnenolone and progesterone spin probes for biomembranes and immunoassaysKATOCH, R; KORDE, SS; DEODHAR, KD; TRIVEDI, GK
1996Synthesis, double Michael-reaction and antimicrobial activity of cross-conjugated enyoneRELE, DN; BASKARAN, S; KORDE, SS; VORA, JD; TRIVEDI, GK
1999Total assignment of H-1 and C-13 NMR spectra of pregnenolone and progesterone haptens using 2D NMR spectroscopyKORDE, SS; KATOCH, R; UDASI, RA; TRIVEDI, GK