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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996An adaptive approach in distance protection using an artificial neural networkKHAPARDE, SA; WARKE, N; AGARWAL, SH
1992Adaptive training of artificial neural networkKHAPARDE, SA; PARNERKAR, A; HIREMATH, NS; SHESHAPRASAD, BJ
2005Allocation of fixed transmission costs by tracing compliant postage stamp methodABHYANKAR, AR; SOMAN, SA; KHAPARDE, SA
2003Application of actor-critic learning algorithm for optimal bidding problem of a GenCoGAJJAR, GR; KHAPARDE, SA; NAGARAJU, P; SOMAN, SA
1991Application of artificial neural network in protective relaying of transmission linesKHAPARDE, SA; KALE, PB; AGARWAL, SH
1999Application of parity mismatches in detection of bad data for power system state estimationMANGALVEDEKAR, HA; KHAPARDE, SA; PARAKKUTH, JD; VARWANDKAR, SD
2008Behavioral model using Conjectural Variation in power markets considering the effect of contractsSAKRI, SG; KIRAN, NS; KHAPARDE, SA
2015Business Process Model for Deriving CIM Profile: A Case Study for Indian UtilityCHANDRAMOHAN, LS; RAVIKUMAR, G; DOOLLA, S; KHAPARDE, SA
2009CIM and IEC 61850 integration issues : application to power systemsPRADEEP, Y; SESHURAJU, P; KHAPARDE, SA; WARRIER, VS; CHERIAN, S
2002Closure To "Design Of Generic Direct Sparse Linear System Solver In C++ For Power System Analysis"PANDIT, S; SOMAN, SA; KHAPARDE, SA
2017A Common Information Model Oriented Graph Database Framework for Power SystemsRAVIKUMAR, G; KHAPARDE, SA
2016A Composite Strategy for Power Oscillation Damping Control Using Local and Wide Area Feedback SignalsPRADHAN, V; KULKARNI, AM; KHAPARDE, SA
2008A Comprehensive Assessment of the Evolution of Financial Transmission RightsSARKAR, V; KHAPARDE, SA
2013A comprehensive method to find RPO trajectory and incentive scheme for promotion of renewable energy in India with study of impact of RPO on tariffSHEREEF, RM; KHAPARDE, SA
2008A comprehensive two level heuristic approach to transmission expansion planningMURTHY, BVSK; YEMULA, PRADEEP; KHAPARDE, SA
2008A comprehensive two level Heuristic approach to transmission expansion planningMURTHY, VSK; YEMULA, P; KHAPARDE, SA
2013Current status of REC mechanism in India and possible policy modifications to way forwardSHEREEF, RM; KHAPARDE, SA
2009DCOPF-Based Marginal Loss Pricing With Enhanced Power Flow Accuracy by Using Matrix Loss DistributionSARKAR, V; KHAPARDE, SA
2007Decoupled power controller for inverter-interfaced distributed generation systemDOBARIYA, CV; KHAPARDE, SA
2010Deployment of MicroGrids in IndiaBALIJEPALLI, VSKM; KHAPARDE, SA; DOBARIYA, CV