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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Application of an Expert System to Predict Maximum Explosive Charge Used Per Delay in Surface MiningKHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN
2009Correlating static properties of coal measures rocks with P-wave velocityKHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN
2011Correlation between microstructure and electrical conductivity in composite electrolytes containing Gd-doped ceria and Gd-doped barium cerateKHANDELWAL, M; VENKATASUBRAMANIAN, A; PRASANNA, TRS; GOPALAN, P
2011A correlation between Schmidt hammer rebound numbers with impact strength index, slake durability index and P-wave velocitySHARMA, PK; KHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN
2007Effect of pH on the physico-mechanical properties of marbleSINGH, TN; SHARMA, PK; KHANDELWAL, M
2007Evaluation of blast-induced ground vibration predictorsKHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN
2017An expert system based on hybrid ICA-ANN technique to estimate macerals contents of Indian coalsKHANDELWAL, M; MAHDIYAR, A; ARMAGHANI, DJ; SINGH, TN; FAHIMIFAR, A; FARADONBEH, RS
2011Predicting elastic properties of schistose rocks from unconfined strength using intelligent approachKHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN
2006Prediction of blast induced ground vibrations and frequency in opencast mine: A neural network approachKHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN
2009Prediction of blast-induced ground vibration using artificial neural networkKHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN
2005Prediction of mine water quality by physical parametersKHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN
2007Variation on physico-mechanical properties of Kota stone under different watery environmentsSHARMA, PK; KHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN