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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19991-[2-Hydroxy-3-octadecan-1'-oate]propyl-2 '',2 '',5 '',5 ''-tetramethyl pyrolidine-N-oxyl-3 ''-carboxylate as a potential spin probe for membrane structure studiesKATOCH, R; TRIVEDI, GK; PHADKE, RS
1998Characterization and conformational studies of a novel trinitro steroid using 2D-NMRKATOCH, R; SRIDHARAN, R; TRIVEDI, GK
1999Configurational and conformational analyses of alpha-methylene-gamma-butyro steroidal spirolactonesSAWANT, MS; NADKARNI, PJ; DESAI, UR; KATOCH, R; KORDE, SS; TRIVEDI, GK
1998Highly stereoselective synthesis of spiro-alpha-methylene-gamma-butyro-lactones: the role of alpha-hydroxy substitutionSAWANT, MS; KATOCH, R; TRIVEDI, GK; DESAI, UR
2000A new membrane probing steroidal spin label: Synthesis and applicationsKATOCH, R; TRIVEDI, GK; PHADKE, RS
1999A novel steroidal spin label for membrane structure studies: synthesis and applicationsKATOCH, R; TRIVEDI, GK; PHADKE, RS
1997Regioselective total synthesis of (+/-)neorautane, (+/-)neorautanin and their analogs. Microwave mediated synthesis of 2H-chromenes from propargyl phenyl ethers.SUBBURAJ, K; KATOCH, R; MURUGESH, MG; TRIVEDI, GK
1999Synthesis of potential pregnenolone and progesterone spin probes for biomembranes and immunoassaysKATOCH, R; KORDE, SS; DEODHAR, KD; TRIVEDI, GK
1999Total assignment of H-1 and C-13 NMR spectra of pregnenolone and progesterone haptens using 2D NMR spectroscopyKORDE, SS; KATOCH, R; UDASI, RA; TRIVEDI, GK
1998Woodward-Prevost reaction on diosgenin and its hydroxy analogue: Characterisation and possible mechanism for the formation of unusual productsKATOCH, R; BAIG, MHA; TRIVEDI, GK