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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Analysis of first order kinetics for tertiary creep in aisi 304 stainless steelPHANIRAJ, C; NANDAGOPAL, M; MANNAN, SL; RODRIGUEZ, P; KASHYAP, BP
1996An analysis of intergranular segregation of sulphur in a low alloy steel by stress-induced diffusion processMISRA, RDK; KASHYAP, BP
2003Anisotropy in flow and microstructural evolution during superplastic deformation of a layered-microstructured AA8090 Al–Li alloy.FAN, W; KASHYAP, BP; CHATURVEDI, MC
2000Application of dynamic material model for hot isostatic pressing of powder compactsMURTY, SVSN; RAO, BN; KASHYAP, BP
2015Biocorrosion and biodegradation behavior of ultralight Mg-4Li-1Ca (LC41) alloy in simulated body fluid for degradable implant applicationsNENE, SS; KASHYAP, BP; PRABHU, N; ESTRIN, Y; AL-SAMMAN, T
2005Cavitation and grain growth during superplastic deformation and their correlation with flow behaviourKASHYAP, BP; TOPPO, SP; GARG, A
2008Characterisation of dynamic recovery during hot deformation of spray formed Al-Li alloy (UL40) using processing map approachREDDY, GJ; SRINIVASAN, N; GOKHALE, AA; KASHYAP, BP
2002Clarification on the physical dimension of k in a constitutive equation for superplastic flow: sigma = k(epsilon)over-dot(m)MURTY, SVSN; RAO, BN; KASHYAP, BP
2017Comparison of flow behavior of as-cast and hot rolled Al-B4C composites by constant and differential strain rate testsGANGOLU, S; RAO, AG; KASHYAP, BP; PRABHU, N; DESHMUKH, VP
2003Correlation between flow strengthening and cavitation in superplastic Al-Cu eutectic alloyKASHYAP, BP
2014Correlation between microstructural features and creep strain in a near-alpha titanium alloy processed in the alpha plus beta regimeBALASUNDAR, I; RAGHU, T; KASHYAP, BP
2010Corrosion Behavior of PM Processed Ti-Ca-P Bioceramic Composites in Hank's Balanced Salt Solution Using Potentiodynamic StudiesKARANJAI, M; JYOTHIRMAYI, A; SUNDARESAN, R; MOHAN, TRR; KASHYAP, BP
1998Deformation behavior of a modified 9Cr-1Mo steel between 77 and 373 KKISHORE, R; SINGH, RN; SINHA, TK; KASHYAP, BP
1996Deformation behavior of an Al-3.37 wt pct Li alloyTHAKUR, A; KASHYAP, BP; MALIK, MK
2002Delayed hydride cracking in Zr-2.5Nb pressure tube materialSINGH, RN; KUMAR, N; KISHORE, R; ROYCHAUDHURY, S; SINHA, TK; KASHYAP, BP
2004Development and validation of a processing map for AFNOR 7020 aluminium alloyMURTY, SVSN; RAO, BN; KASHYAP, BP
2002Development and validation of a processing map for zirconium alloysMURTY, SVSN; RAO, BN; KASHYAP, BP
2000Development of a processing map for the hot working of Ti-25Al-15NbMURTY, SVS; RAO, BN; KASHYAP, BP
2016Development of constitutive relationship and processing map for Al-6. 65Si-0.44Mg alloy and its composite with B4C particulatesGANGOLU, S; RAO, AG; SABIROV, I; KASHYAP, BP; PRABHU, N; DESHMUKH, VP