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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Build orientation optimization for multi-part production in additive manufacturingZHANG, YC; BERNARD, A; HARIK, R; KARUNAKARAN, KP
2015Build strategies for rapid manufacturing of components of varying complexitySIMHAMBHATLA, S; KARUNAKARAN, KP
1998Computer aided design of cutters for helicoidal surfacesKARUNAKARAN, KP; DHANDE, SG
1998Direct rapid prototyping of toolsKARUNAKARAN, KP; SHANMUGANATHAN, PV; ROTH-KOCH, S; KOCH, KU
2002Efficient stock cutting for laminated manufacturingKARUNAKARAN, KP; DIBBI, S; SHANMUGANATHAN, PV; RAJU, DS; KAKARAPARTI, S
2006An evolutionary approach for multi-pass turning operationsSINGH, G; CHOUDHARY, AK; KARUNAKARAN, KP; TIWARI, MK
2006Hybrid adaptive layer manufacturing: An Intelligent art of direct metal rapid tooling processAKULA, S; KARUNAKARAN, KP
2004Hybrid layered manufacturing: direct rapid metal tool-making processKARUNAKARAN, KP; SREENATHBABU, A; PUSHPA, V
2010Low cost integration of additive and subtractive processes for hybrid layered manufacturingKARUNAKARAN, KP; SURYAKUMAR, S; PUSHPA, V; AKULA, S
2017Modeling the Influence of the Penetration Channel's Shape on Plasma Parameters When Handling Highly Concentrated Energy SourcesTRUSHNIKOV, DN; SALOMATOVA, ES; BEZUKLADNIKOV, II; SINANI, IL; KARUNAKARAN, KP
2007Octree-to-BRep conversion for volumetric NC simulationKARUNAKARAN, KP; SHRINGI, R
2016Optimal space filling additive manufacturingKAPIL, S; JOSHI, P; YAGANI, HV; RANA, D; KULKARNI, PM; KUMAR, R; KARUNAKARAN, KP
2008A psycho-clonal-algorithm-based approach to the solve operation sequencing problem in a CAPP environmentDASHORA, Y; TIWARI, MK; KARUNAKARAN, KP
2012Rapid manufacturing of metallic objectsKARUNAKARAN, KP; BERNARD, A; SURYAKUMAR, S; DEMBINSKI, L; TAILLANDIER, G
2000Rapid prototyping of metallic parts and mouldsKARUNAKARAN, KP; SHANMUGANATHAN, PV; JADHAV, SJ; BHADAURIA, P; PANDEY, A
2009Retrofitment of a CNC machine for hybrid layered manufacturingKARUNAKARAN, KP; SURYAKUMAR, S; PUSHPA, V; AKULA, S
2007Selection of optimal part orientation in fused deposition modelling using swarm intelligenceGHORPADE, A; KARUNAKARAN, KP; TIWARI, MK
2008A solid model-based off-line adaptive controller for feed rate scheduling for milling processKARUNAKARAN, KP; SHRINGI, R
2005Statistical process design for hybrid adaptive layer manufacturingSREENATHBABU, A; KARUNAKARAN, KP; AMARNATH, C