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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Assessment and rationalization of water quality monitoring network: a multivariate statistical approach to the Kabbini River (India)MAVUKKANDY, MO; KARMAKAR, S; HARIKUMAR, PS
2013Assessment of wastewater treatment technologies: life cycle approachKALBAR, PP; KARMAKAR, S; ASOLEKAR, SR
2009Bivariate flood frequency analysis. Part 2: a copula-based approach with mixed marginal distributionsKARMAKAR, S; SIMONOVIC, SP
2008Bivariate flood frequency analysis: Part1. Determination of marginals by parametric and nonparametric techniquesKARMAKAR, S; SIMONOVIC, SP
2015Design of sampling locations for river water quality monitoring considering seasonal variation of point and diffuse pollution loadsVAREKAR, V; KARMAKAR, S; JHA, R; GHOSH, NC
2013Diametric changes in trends and patterns of extreme rainfall over India from pre-1950 to post-1950VITTAL, H; KARMAKAR, S; GHOSH, S
2015Disaster Vulnerability Mapping for a Densely Populated Coastal Urban Area: An Application to Mumbai, IndiaSHERLY, MA; KARMAKAR, S; PARTHASARATHY, D; CHAN, T; RAU, C
2015A framework for multivariate data-based at-site flood frequency analysis: Essentiality of the conjugal application of parametric and nonparametric approachesVITTAL, H; SINGH, J; KUMAR, P; KARMAKAR, S
2007High-pressure behaviour of Ni-filled and Fe-filled multiwalled carbon nanotubesPOSWAL, HK; KARMAKAR, S; TYAGI, PK; MISRA, DS; BUSETTO, E; SHARMA, SM; SOOD, AK
2015Impacts of urbanization on Indian summer monsoon rainfall extremesSHASTRI, H; PAUL, S; GHOSH, S; KARMAKAR, S
2013The influence of expert opinions on the selection of wastewater treatment alternatives: A group decision-making approachKALBAR, PP; KARMAKAR, S; ASOLEKAR, SR
2013Optimizing an estuarine water quality monitoring program through an entropy-based hierarchical spatiotemporal Bayesian frameworkALAMEDDINE, I; KARMAKAR, S; QIAN, SS; PAERL, HW; RECKHOW, KH
2006Pressure-induced phase transitions in cobalt-filled multiwalled carbon nanotubesKARMAKAR, S; TYAGI, PK; MISRA, DS; SHARMA, SM
2012Selection of an appropriate wastewater treatment technology: A scenario-based multiple-attribute decision-making approachKALBAR, PP; KARMAKAR, S; ASOLEKAR, SR
2010Tectonic setting of the Balaram-Kui-Surpagla-Kengora granulites of the South Delhi Terrane of the Aravalli Mobile Belt, NW India and its implication on correlation with the East African Orogen in the Gondwana assemblySINGH, YK; DE WAELE, B; KARMAKAR, S; SARKAR, S; BISWAL, TK