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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Active queue management using adaptive REDVERMA, R; IYER, A; KARANDIKAR, A
2004Adaptive prediction based approach for congestion estimation (APACE) in active queue managementJAIN, A; KARANDIKAR, A; VERMA, R
2009Characterizing the exit process of a non-saturated IEEE 802.11 wireless networkRATHOD, P; DABEER, O; SAHOO, A; KARANDIKAR, A
2001CIPP - a versatile analytical model for VBR trafficMANIVASAKAN, R; KARANDIKAR, A; DESAI, UB
1999CIPP - a versatile analytical model for VBR traffic in ATM networksMANIVASAKAN, R; DESAI, UB; KARANDIKAR, A
1999CIPP based characterization of VBR traffic and related statistical multiplexer performanceMANIVASAKAN, R; DESAI, UB; KARANDIKAR, A
2008Improved SAC-OCDMA System With Multiple Incoherent SourcesPAWAR, SS; SHEVGAONKAR, RK; KARANDIKAR, A
2008An indexing scheduler for delay constrained scheduling with applications to IEEE 802.16SALODKAR, N; KARANDIKAR, A
2003Information utility of token bucket regulatorKARANDIKAR, A; SHAH, P
2003IP telephony and delay jitter control - An overviewKANSAL, A; KARANDIKAR, A
2008An on-line learning algorithm for energy efficient delay constrained scheduling over a fading channelSALODKAR, N; BHORKAR, A; KARANDIKAR, A; BORKAR, VS
2008On TCP-aware uplink scheduling in IEEE 802.16 networksRATH, HK; KARANDIKAR, A
2004Optimal access control for an integrated voice/data CDMA systemMAHAJAN, S; SINGH, M; KARANDIKAR, A
2005Optimal packet scheduling algorithms for token-bucket based rate controlMEHTA, NB; KARANDIKAR, A
2005An overview of cross-layer based design of media access control (mac) for cdma ad-hoc networksSINGH, M; PAUL, K; KARANDIKAR, A
2010Power-Controlled FCFS Splitting Algorithm for Wireless NetworksGORE, AD; KARANDIKAR, A
2009Power optimal signaling for fading multi-access channel in presence of coding gapSETHI, A; CHAPORKAR, P; KARANDIKAR, A
2009Scheduling with limited information in wireless systemsCHAPORKAR, P; PROUTIERE, A; ASNANI, H; KARANDIKAR, A
2009Some results on communicating the sum of sources over a networkRAI, BK; DEY, BK; KARANDIKAR, A
2010A Stable Online Algorithm for Energy-Efficient Multiuser SchedulingSALODKAR, N; KARANDIKAR, A; BORKAR, VS
Showing results 1 to 20 of 23
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