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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Depth and image recovery using a mrf modelKAPOOR, S; MUNDKUR, PY; DESAI, UB
2017Distributed Scheduling Schemes in Energy Harvesting Multiple AccessKAPOOR, S; PILLAI, SRB
2017Effect of Fenton process on treatment of simulated textile wastewater: optimization using response surface methodologySHARMA, S; KAPOOR, S; CHRISTIAN, RA
2017Enhanced stability of microtubules contributes in the development of colchicine resistance in MCF-7 cellsRAI, A; KAPOOR, S; NAAZ, A; SANTRA, MK; PANDA, D
2010Fluorescence spectroscopic methods to analyze drug-tubulin interactionsBHATTACHARYYA, B; KAPOOR, S; PANDA, D
2013Inhibition of HDAC6 Deacetylase Activity Increases Its Binding with Microtubules and Suppresses Microtubule Dynamic Instability in MCF-7 CellsASTHANA, J; KAPOOR, S; MOHAN, R; PANDA, D
2012Kinetic stabilization of microtubule dynamics by indanocine perturbs EB1 localization, induces defects in cell polarity and inhibits migration of MDA-MB-231 cellsKAPOOR, S; PANDA, D
2017Small Molecules Inspired by the Natural Product Withanolides as Potent Inhibitors of Wnt SignalingSHEREMET, M; KAPOOR, S; SCHRODER, P; KUMAR, K; ZIEGLER, S; WALDMANN, H
2009Targeting ftsz for antibacterial therapy: a promising avenueKAPOOR, S; PANDA, D
2015Transcription factor NF-kappa B associates with microtubules and stimulates apoptosis in response to suppression of microtubule dynamics in MCF-7 cellsRAI, A; KAPOOR, S; SINGH, S; CHATTERJI, BP; PANDA, D