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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Adhesion improvement of diamond and other films after MeV ion irradiationMHATRE, UR; KALE, AN; KOTHARI, DC; RAOLE, PM; TOTALANI, MK; KANJILAL, D; KULKARNI, A; KANETKAR, SM; OGALE, SB
2006Effect of disorder on the exponent in the coherence region in high temperature superconductorsKAUR, M; SRINIVASAN, R; MEHTA, GK; KANJILAL, D; PINTO, R; OGALE, SB; MOHAN, S; GANESAN, V
2003High-energy ion implantation of iron in siliconBHOLE, KG; KAMALAPURKAR, BA; DUBEY, SK; YADAV, AD; RAO, TKG; MOHANTI, T; KANJILAL, D
2003Investigation of 70 MeV iron irradiation induced defects in C-siliconKAMALAPURKAR, BA; DUBEY, SK; YADAV, AD; BHOLE, KG; CHANDRASHEKARAN, KS; RAO, TKG; MOHANTI, T; KANJILAL, D
2007Investigations of nano size defects in InP induced by swift iron ionsDUBEY, RL; DUBEY, SK; YADAV, AD; GUPTA, SJ; PANDEY, SD; RAO, TKG; MOHANTY, T; KANJILAL, D
2009Ion beam synthesis of germanium nanostructuresJOSHI, KU; NARSALE, AM; KANJILAL, D; WARANG, TN; GUNDURAO, TK; KOTHARI, DC
2006Studies of defects and annealing behavior of silicon irradiated with 70 MeV Fe-56 ionsDUBEY, SK; YADAV, AD; KAMALAPURKAR, BK; RAO, TKG; GOKHALE, M; MOHANTY, T; KANJILAL, D
2006Study of optical properties of swift heavy ion irradiated gallium antimonideDUBEY, SK; DUBEY, RL; YADAV, AD; JADHAV V; RAO, TKG; MOHANTY, T; KANJILAL, D
2008Study of swift (100 MeV) Fe9+ ion irradiated gallium antimonideJADHAV, V; DUBEY, SK; DUBEY, RL; TRIPATHI, S; YADAV, AD; GUPTA, SJ; RAO, TKG; KANJILAL, D
2008Synthesis of nanodimensional TiO2 thin filmsTHAKURDESAI, M; MOHANTY, T; JOHN, J; RAO, TKG; RAYCHAUDHURI, P; BHATTACHARYYA, V; KANJILAL, D