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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Angucyclinone antibiotics: total syntheses of ym-181741, (+)-ochromycinone, (+)-rubiginone b-2, (-)-tetrangomycin, and mm-47755KALIAPPAN, KP; RAVIKUMAR, V
2004A cascade enyne/ring closing metathesis approach to angularly fused dioxatriquinanesKALIAPPAN, KP; NANDURDIKAR, RS
2009Click' Chemistry on Sugar-Derived Alkynes: A Tandem 'Click-Click' Approach to BistriazolesKALIAPPAN, KP; KALANIDHI, P; MAHAPATRA, S
2012A Concise Total Synthesis of (+)-Cladospolide DSI, D; KALIAPPAN, KP
2008Cope-house cyclization strategy for the synthesis of pyrrolizidines: An expedient route to 5-epi-hyacinthacine A(3) and 5-epi-hyacinthacine A(5)KALIAPPAN, KP; DAS, P
2016Copper-Catalyzed Cascade Amination Route to N-Aryl BenzimidazoquinazolinonesBANERJEE, A; SUBRAMANIAN, P; KALIAPPAN, KP
2005Design and synthesis of novel sugar-oxasteroid-quinone hybridsKALIAPPAN, KP; RAVIKUMAR, V
2010Discovery and syntheses of "superbug challengers"-platensimycin and platencinPALANICHAMY, K; KALIAPPAN, KP
2014A Domino Enyne/IMDA Approach to the Core Structure of (-) VinigrolBETKEKAR, VV; SAYYAD, AA; KALIAPPAN, KP
2014A Domino Enyne/IMDA Approach to the Core Structure of (-) VinigrolBETKEKAR, VV; SAYYAD, AA; KALIAPPAN, KP
2012An Efficient Copper-Catalyzed Three-Component Synthesis of 3-C-Linked Glycosyl IminocoumarinsPALANICHAMY, K; SURAVARAPU, SR; KALIAPPAN, KP
2015An enantioselective total synthesis of Sch-725674RAMAKRISHNA, K; KALIAPPAN, KP
2007An expedient enantioselective strategy for the oxatetracyclic core of platensimycinKALIAPPAN, KP; RAVIKUMAR, V
2009An Expedient Total Synthesis of (-)-Cladospolide AKALIAPPAN, KP; SI, D
2005A facile domino metathetic route to a thapsigargin skeletonKALIAPPAN, KP; NANDURDIKAR, RS
2007First enantioselective total synthesis of the angucyclinone-type antibiotic YM-181741KALIAPPAN, KP; RAVIKUMAR, V
2011A flexible and unified strategy for syntheses of cladospolides A, B, C, and iso-cladospolide BSI, D; SEKAR, NM; KALIAPPAN, KP
2010A Formal Total Synthesis of Palmerolide AGOWRISANKAR, P; PUJARI, SA; KALIAPPAN, KP
2013A hybrid approach to new molecular scaffoldsPALANICHAMY, K; KALIAPPAN, KP
2012An iterative Shimizu non-aldol approach for the stereoselective synthesis of C13-C22 fragment of callystatin APUJARI, SA; KALIAPPAN, KP