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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985Absorption of nox gasesJOSHI, JB; MAHAJANI, VV; JUVEKAR, VA
2003Adsorption of polymer from solution to solid surface: Effect of polydispersityPATTANAYEK, SK; JUVEKAR, VA
2007An algorithm for simulating equilibrium adsorption characteristics of branched copolymer chains at solid-liquid interfaceAUSTINE, J; MOHITE, LV; JUVEKAR, VA
2014Analysis of multiparticle bipolar electrolysis using single particle cell modelPATIL, RS; JUVEKAR, VA
2009Analysis of Multiple Reactions on a Bipolar ElectrodeJUVEKAR, VA; PATIL, RS; GURUMOORTHY, AVP; CONTRACTOR, AQ
2002Analysis of the drop rest phenomenonGHOSH, P; JUVEKAR, VA
2015Co-Extraction of U(VI) and HNO3 Using TBP and its Higher Homologues TiAP and TEHP: Comparison of Equilibria, Kinetics, and Rate of ExtractionDAS, D; JUVEKAR, VA; ROY, SB; BHATTACHARYA, R
2015Co-Extraction/Stripping of Mineral Acids and Iron(III) by Tri-n-Butyl PhosphateDAS, D; JUVEKAR, VA; BHATTACHARYA, R
2014Comparative studies on co-extraction of uranium(VI) and different mineral acid from aqueous feed solutions using TBP, TOPO and TOADAS, D; JUVEKAR, VA; ROY, SB; BHATTACHARYA, R
2015Comparison of solvent extraction and LEM extraction in static mixer for recovery of Mo(VI) from dilute aqueous solutionDAS, D; JUVEKAR, VA; RAMPRASAD, K; BHATTACHARYA, R
1999A continuum model for polymer adsorption at the solid-liquid interfaceJUVEKAR, VA; ANOOP, CV; PATTANAYEK, SK; NAIK, VM
1997Dynamics of ion-exchange involving multivalent cationsHASNAT, A; JUVEKAR, VA
1999Dynamics of polymer adsorptionJUVEKAR, VA; ANOOP, GV; PATTANAYEK, SK
1997Effect of intensity of agitation on selectivity of aromatic nitrationKASAREKAR, RB; RAMAKRISHNA, M; JUVEKAR, VA
2007Effect of structure on solution and interfacial properties of sodium polystyrene sulfonate (NaPSS)SEN, AK; ROY, S; JUVEKAR, VA
2003Effect of temperature on permeation of air through thin liquid filmsGHOSH, P; JUVEKAR, VA
2015Effect of the nature of organophosphorous acid moiety on co-extraction of U(VI) and mineral acid from aqueous solutions using D2EHPA, PC88A and Cyanex 272DAS, D; JUVEKAR, VA; RUPAWATE, VH; RAMPRASAD, K; BHATTACHARYA, R
2015Efficacy of extraction of U(VI) by liquid emulsion membrane (LEM) using TOPO, D2EHPA and TOADAS, D; JUVEKAR, VA; BHATTACHARYA, R
2014Elucidation of Band Structure of Charge Storage in Conducting Polymers Using a Redox ReactionCONTRACTOR, AQ; JUVEKAR, VA