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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Analysis of accuracy of high-aspect-ratio holes generated using micro-electric discharge machining drillingPURANIK, MS; JOSHI, SS
2012Analysis of acoustic emission signals and surface integrity in the high-speed turning of Inconel 718PAWADE, RS; JOSHI, SS
1999Analysis of chip breaking during orthogonal machining of Al/SiCp compositesJOSHI, SS; RAMAKRISHNAN, N; RAMAKRISHNAN, P
2009Analysis of chip formation mechanism in machining of Al/SiCp metal matrix compositesDABADE, UA; JOSHI, SS
2013Analysis of Electrolytic Flow Effects in Micro-Electrochemical GrindingSAPRE, P; MALL, A; JOSHI, SS
2015Analysis of hole quality in drilling GLARE fiber metal laminatesPAWAR, OA; GAIKHE, YS; TEWARI, A; SUNDARAM, R; JOSHI, SS
2003Analysis of surface roughness and chip cross-sectional area while machining with self-propelled round inserts milling cutterDABADE, UDAY A; JOSHI, SS; RAMAKRISHNAN, N
2009An analytical model to predict specific shear energy in high-speed turning of Inconel 718PAWADE, RS; SONAWANE, HA; JOSHI, SS
2013Analytical Model to Predict Temperature Distribution and Ablation Depth in Excimer Laser MicromachiningMARLA, D; BARDE, V; JOSHI, SS
2015Analytical Modeling of Chip Geometry in High-Speed Ball-End Milling on Inclined Inconel-718 WorkpiecesSONAWANE, HA; JOSHI, SS
2017Analytical Simulation of Random Textures Generated in Electrical Discharge TexturingJITHIN, S; BHANDARKAR, UV; JOSHI, SS
2013Chain length dependence of polyol synthesis of zinc ferrite nanoparticles: why is diethylene glycol so different?RISHIKESHI, SN; JOSHI, SS; TEMGIRE, MK; BELLARE, JR
2011Characterization and modeling of burr formation in micro-end millingLEKKALA, R; BAJPAI, V; SINGH, RK; JOSHI, SS
2016Contribution of specific work of fracture to size effect in microcuttingPARLE, D; SINGH, RK; JOSHI, SS
2017Demarcating wetting states in textured microchannels under flow conditions by Poiseuille numberGADDAM, A; KATTEMALALAWADI, BS; AGRAWAL, A; JOSHI, SS
2016Design and development of a vision-based micro-assembly systemJAYARAM, K; JOSHI, SS
2010Development of a flexure-based, force-sensing microgripper for micro-object manipulationJAYARAM, K; JOSHI, SS
2008Effect of machining parameters and cutting edge geometry on surface integrity of high-speed turned Inconel 718PAWADE, RS; JOSHI, SS; BRAHMANKAR, PK
2010Efficient dicing of silicon ingots for photovoltaic applicationsDONGRE, GG; VESVIKAR, C; SINGH, RK; JOSHI, SS