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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Cleavage of phosphorus-sulfur bond and formation of (mu(4)-S)Fe-4 core from photochemical reactions of Fe(CO)(5) with [(RO)(2)PS2](2); (R = Me, Et, Pr-i)MATHUR, P; JI, RS; RAGHUVANSHI, A; TAUQEER, M; MOBIN, SM
2009Fe(CO)(5) promoted C-S bond activation and formation of an unusual C(2)S(3) ligand in [{Fe(2)(CO)(6)}(2)(mu-C(2)S(3))]MATHUR, P; BOODIDA, S; JI, RS; MOBIN, SM
2013Formation of (E)-[FcC(PS2(OR)(2))= CH(PS2(OR)(2))] (R = Me, Et, Pr-i) in photolytic reactions of ferrocenylacetylene and [(RO)(2)PS2H] in hexane/alcohols: Experimental and DFT studyMATHUR, P; JI, RS; PATHAK, B; MOBIN, SM
2015Formation of 3,5-Dithio-cyclopentenyl Ligand on Fe-2(CO)(6) Support from Photochemical Reaction of Internal Acetylenes with [Fe(CO)(5)] in Presence of CS2MATHUR, P; TAUQEER, M; JI, RS; RAI, DK; MOBIN, SM; LAHIRI, GK
2010Photochemical reactions of 1-ferrocenyl-4-phenyl-1,3-butadiyne with Fe(CO)(5) and COMATHUR, P; JI, RS; BOODIDA, S; SINGH, AK; MOBIN, SM
2013Reaction of ruthenium phenyl acetylide with iron-chalcogen clusters and iron pentacarbonylMATHUR, P; RAGHUVANSHI, A; JI, RS; MOBIN, SM
2012Role of Sulfur in Influencing Contrasting Reactivity of Acetylene Bonds in 1-Ferrocenyl-4-phenyl-1,3-butadiyne in Cluster Forming ReactionMATHUR, P; JI, RS; RAI, DK; RAGHUVANSHI, A; MOBIN, SM
2014Some unusual reactions of metal carbonyls with (Z)-1-ferrocenyltelluro-1-ferrocenyl-4-ferrocenyl-1-buten-3-yneMATHUR, P; TAUQEER, M; JI, RS; LAHIRI, GK; MOBIN, SM
2013Structural and electrochemical aspects of tris(ferrocenyl/phenyl-ethynyl)phosphine ligated chalcogen bridged iron carbonyl clustersMATHUR, P; RAI, DK; JI, RS; PATHAK, B; BOODIDA, S; MOBIN, SM
2012Synthesis and characterization of a novel unfused 1, 4-diselenineMATHUR, P; JI, RS; TAUQEER, M; LAHIRI, GK; MOBIN, SM