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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Assessment of liquefaction potential index for Mumbai cityDIXIT, J; DEWAIKAR, DM; JANGID, RS
2001Base isolation for near-fault motionsJANGID, RS; KELLY, JM
2005Base-isolated building with asymmetries due to the isolator parametersMATSAGAR, VA; JANGID, RS
2012Behaviour of liquid storage tanks with VCFPS under near-fault ground motionsPANCHAL, VR; JANGID, RS
2016Comparative performance of passive devices for piping system under seismic excitationKUMAR, P; JANGID, RS; REDDY, GR
2005Computational numerical models for seismic response of structures isolated by sliding systemsJANGID, RS
1996Dissipation of hysteretic energy in base isolated structureJANGID, RS; DATTA, TK
2014Dynamic response of identical adjacent structures connected by viscous damperPATEL, CC; JANGID, RS
2014Dynamic response of identical adjacent structures connected by viscous damperPATEL, CC; JANGID, RS
2003Earthquake response of isolated elevated liquid storage steel tanksSHRIMALI, MK; JANGID, RS
1998Effectiveness of elliptical rolling rods for base isolationJANGID, RS; LONDHE, YB
2006Effectiveness of seismic isolation for cable-stayed bridgesSONEJI, BB; JANGID, RS
2006Effects of pier and deck flexibility on the seismic response of isolated bridgesKUNDE, MC; JANGID, RS
2003Effects of superstructure flexibility on the response of base-isolated structuresKULKARNI, JA; JANGID, RS
2016Equivalent linear elastic-viscous model of shape memory alloy for isolated structuresGHODKE, S; JANGID, RS
2008Equivalent linear stochastic seismic response of isolated bridgesJANGID, RS
1999Evaluation of the methods for response analysis under non-stationary excitationJANGID, RS; DATTA, TK
2006Harmonic response of adjacent structures connected with a friction dampeBHASKARARAO, AV; JANGID, RS
2010Impact Response of Torsionally Coupled Base-isolated StructuresMATSAGAR, VA; JANGID, RS