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20052,5-dioxido-1,4-benzoquinonediimine (h2l2-), a hydrogen-bonding noninnocent bridging ligand related to aminated topaquinone: different oxidation state distributions in complexes [{(bpy)(2)ru}(2)(mu-h2l)](n) (n=0,+,2+,3+,4+) and [{(acac)(2)ru}(2)(mu-h2l)](m) (m=2-,-,0,+,2+)KAR, S; SARKAR, B; GHUMAAN, S; JANARDANAN, D; VAN SLAGEREN, J; FIEDLER, J; PURANIK, VG; SUNOJ, RB; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2011Chemo-, regio-, and diastereoselectivity preferences in the reaction of a sulfur ylide with a dienal and an enoneJANARDANAN, D; SUNOJ, RB
2007Computational investigations on the general reaction profile and diastereoselectivity in sulfur ylide promoted aziridinationJANARDANAN, D; SUNOJ, RB
2007Density functional theory investigations on sulfur ylide promoted cyclopropanation reactions: insights on mechanism and diastereoselection issuesJANARDANAN, D; SUNOJ, RB
2008Enantio- and Diastereoselectivities in Chiral Sulfur Ylide Promoted Asymmetric Aziridination ReactionsJANARDANAN, D; SUNOJ, RB
2008Mixed-valent metals bridged by a radical ligand: Fact or fiction based on structure-oxidation state correlationsSARKAR, B; PATRA, S; FIEDLER, J; SUNOJ, RB; JANARDANAN, D; LAHIRI, GK; KAIM, W
2005Theoretical and experimental evidence for a new kind of spin-coupled singlet species: Isomeric mixed-valent complexes bridged by a radical anion ligandSARKAR, B; PATRA, S; FIEDLER, J; SUNOJ, RB; JANARDANAN, D; MOBIN, SM; NIEMEYER, M; LAHIRI, GK; KAIM, W
2007Valence-state distribution in the ruthenium o-quinonoid systems [Ru(trpy)(Cl)(L-1)](+) and [Ru(trpy)(Cl)(L-2)](+) (L-1 = o-iminobenzoquinone, L-2 = o-diiminobenzoquinone; trpy=2,2 ': 6 ',2 ''-terpyridine)MAJI, S; PATRA, S; CHAKRABORTY, S; JANARDANAN, D; MOBIN, SM; SUNOJ, RB; LAHIRI, GK