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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Defining the Role of Silicon Substrate Orientation on the Polycrystalline Diamond Film: A Novel Approach for Characterizing Faceted MicrostructuresJAIN, L; KRISHNA, KVM; PRASAD, A; MEHTANI, HK; MISRA, DS; MISRA, A; SAMAJDAR, I
2010Deformed microstructures of two-phase Zr-2.5Nb alloy: Effects of the second phase hardnessSAHOO, SK; HIWARKAR, VD; JAIN, L; SAMAJDAR, I; PANT, P; DEY, GK; SRIVASTAV, D; TEWARI, R; BANERJEE, S
2017Delamination/Rupture of Polycrystalline Diamond Film: Defining Role of Shear AnisotropyJAIN, L; BAJPAI, R; BASU, R; MISRA, DS; SAMAJDAR, I
2011Development of Crystallographic Texture and In-Grain Misorientation in CVD-Produced Single and Polycrystalline DiamondMOHAPATRA, DR; JAIN, L; RAI, P; HAZRA, KS; SAMAJDAR, I; MISRA, DS
2015Dynamic recrystallization in a Ni-Ti-Fe shape memory alloy: Effects on austenite-martensite phase transformationBASU, R; JAIN, L; MAJI, B; KRISHNAN, M
2017Effect of Interplay Between Isotropic Gases on Microstructural Evolution of Single Crystal DiamondJAIN, L; MOHAPATRA, DR; BASU, R; MISRA, DS; MISRA, A; SAMAJDAR, I
2011Facile one-step transfer process of grapheneBAJPAI, R; ROY, S; JAIN, L; KULSHRESTHA, N; HAZRA, KS; MISRA, DS
2013Microstructural Developments Through Marforming in a Ni-Ti-Fe Shape Memory AlloyBASU, R; JAIN, L; MAJI, BC; KRISHNAN, M; SAMAJDAR, I
1987The organic-chemistry of platinum(iv)JAIN, VK; RAO, GS; JAIN, L
2012Origin of Microstructural Irreversibility in Ni-Ti Based Shape Memory Alloys during Thermal CyclingBASU, R; JAIN, L; MAJI, BC; KRISHNAN, M; KRISHNA, KVM; SAMAJDAR, I; PANT, P