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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Abundance of ladder digital to analog convertersRATHORE, TS; JAIN, A
2001Abundance of ladder digital-to-analog convertersRATHORE, TS; JAIN, A
2004Adaptive prediction based approach for congestion estimation (APACE) in active queue managementJAIN, A; KARANDIKAR, A; VERMA, R
2017The C-terminal tails of heterotrimeric kinesin-2 motor subunits directly bind to alpha-tubulin1: Possible implications for cilia-specific tubulin entryGIROTRA, M; SRIVASTAVA, S; KULKARNI, A; BARBORA, A; BOBRA, K; GHOSAL, D; DEVAN, P; AHER, A; JAIN, A; PANDA, D; RAY, K
2007Calculation of vibrational excitation cross-sections in resonant electron-molecule scattering using the time-dependent wave packet (TDWP) approach with application to the (2)Pi CO- Shape resonanceSINGH, RK; SARMA, M; JAIN, A; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2013A Comparative Study of Different Physics-Based NBTI ModelsMAHAPATRA, S; GOEL, N; DESAI, S; GUPTA, S; JOSE, B; MUKHOPADHYAY, S; JOSHI, K; JAIN, A; ISLAM, AE; ALAM, MA
2017Effect of parameter mismatch on the dynamics of strongly coupled self sustained oscillatorsCHAKRABARTY, N; JAIN, A; LAL, N; DAS GUPTA, K; PARMANANDA, P
2009Flow map and measurement of void fraction and heat transfer coefficient using an image analysis technique for flow boiling of water in a silicon microchannelSINGH, SG; JAIN, A; SRIDHARAN, A; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; AGRAWAL, A
2000Ionic conductivity of Na2SO4-Al2O3 composite electrolytes: Mechanism and the role of the preparatory parametersJAIN, A; SAHA, S; GOPALAN, P; KULKARNI, A
2000Na2SO4Al2O3 composite electrolytes: some interesting observationsJAIN, A; SAHA, S; GOPALAN, P; KULKARNI, A
1998A new economical 2R-3R-4R ladder digital to analog converterRATHORE, TS; JAIN, A
2013Numerical simulation of fault reactivation phenomenonJAIN, A; VERMA, AK; VISHAL, V; SINGH, TN
2012Optimization of a Brownian-dynamics algorithm for semidilute polymer solutionsJAIN, A; SUNTHAR, P; DUNWEG, B; PRAKASH, JR
2014Preferential solvation and association constants of 2-exo and 2-endo norbornyl chlorides in water-acetone mixturesJAIN, A; DIXIT, MK; TEMBE, BL
2017State of the Art and Future Research Needs for Multiscale Analysis of Li-Ion CellsSHAH, K; BALSARA, N; BANERJEE, S; CHINTAPALLI, M; COCCO, AP; CHIU, WKS; LAHIRI, I; MARTHA, S; MISTRY, A; MUKHERJEE, PP; RAMADESIGAN, V; SHARMA, CS; SUBRAMANIAN, VR; MITRA, S; JAIN, A