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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Analysis of Receiver Window Control in presence of a fair routerRAISINGHANI, VIJAY T; IYER, SRIDHAR
2002ATCP: improving TCP performance over mobile wireless environmentsSINGH, AJAY KUMAR; IYER, SRIDHAR
2005Automated refactoring of objects for application partitioningJAMWAL, VIKRAM; IYER, SRIDHAR
2005Automatic topology generation for a class of wireless networksRANGARAJAN, RAGHURAMAN; IYER, SRIDHAR
2005Breakable Objects: building blocks for flexible application architecturesJAMWAL, VIKRAM; IYER, SRIDHAR
2006Characterization of a connectivity measure for sparse wireless multi-hop networksPERUR, SRINATH; IYER, SRIDHAR
2006Cross-layer feedback architecture for mobile device protocol stacksRAISINGHANI, VIJAY T; IYER, SRIDHAR
2006Intelligent Query Tree (IQT) protocol to improve RFID tag read efficiencyBHANDARI, NAVAL; SAHOO, ANIRUDHA; IYER, SRIDHAR
2003Mitigating the exposed node problem in IEEE 802.11 ad hoc networksSHUKLA, DEEPANSHU; CHANDRAN-WADIA, LEENA; IYER, SRIDHAR
2003Mobile Agent based realization of a distance evaluation systemJAMWAL, VIKRAM; IYER, SRIDHAR
2005PLUS-DAC: a distributed admission control scheme for IEEE 802.11e WLANsGAVINI, KIRAN KUMAR; APTE, VARSHA; IYER, SRIDHAR
2002Router Handoff: a preemptive route repair strategy for AODVPERUR, SRINATH; ABHILASH, P; IYER, SRIDHAR
2004Supporting real-time applications with better QoS guarantees in 802.11DIWAKAR, KIRAN; IYER, SRIDHAR
1997A tool-suite for reachability analysis of concurrent object-oriented programsIYER, SRIDHAR; RAMESH, S