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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Apportioning : a technique for efficient reachability analysis of concurrent object-oriented programsIYER, S; RAMESH, S
2006Breakable objects : building blocks for flexible application architecturesJAMWAL, V; IYER, S
2006Capacity-constrained design of resilient multi-tier wireless Mesh networksRAGHURAMAN, R; IYER, S
2007Characterisation of a Connectivity Measure for Sparse Wireless Multi-hop NetworksPERUR, S; IYER, S
2009Creating 3D animations of laboratory experiments using open source toolsSAHASRABUDHE, S; IYER, S
2004Cross-layer design optimizations in wireless protocol stacksRAISINGHANI, VT; IYER, S
2006Designing sparse wireless Multi-hop networksPERUR, S; IYER, S
2009ELAM : a model for acceptance and use of e-learning by teachers and studentsUMRANI-KHAN, F; IYER, S
2006Enhancing QoS for delay-tolerant multimedia applications: Resource utilization and scheduling from a service provider's perspectiveKRITHIVASAN, S; IYER, S
2015ET4ET: A Large-Scale Faculty Professional Development Program on Effective Integration of Educational TechnologyMURTHY, S; IYER, S; WARRIEM, J
2002Improving TCP performance over mobile wireless environments using cross layer feedbackRAISINGHANI, VT; SINGH, AK; IYER, S
2006M2MC : Middleware for many to many communication over broadcast networksBHAVANASI, CK; IYER, S
2005Mitigating the reader collision problem in RFID networks with mobile readersBIRARI, SM; IYER, S
2004MSIP: a protocol for efficient handoffs of real time multimedia sessions in mobile wireless scenariosKUMAR, AR; IYER, S
2001A novel synthesis of substituted bicyclo[2.2.2]octenones and 3,3-sigmatropic shift: a general and stereoselective entry into functionalized cis-decalinsSINGH, V; IYER, S
2005PULSE : a MAC protocol for RFID networksBIRARI, SM; IYER, S
2005RFIDcover - a coverage planning tool for RFID networks with mobile readersANUSHA, S; IYER, S
2004RINGS: Lookup service for peer-to-peer systems in mobile ad hoc networksPATEL, K; IYER, S; PAUL, K
2002Router Handoff : an approach for preemptive route repair in mobile ad hoc networksABHILASH, P; PERUR, S; IYER, S
2006Strategies for efficient streaming in delay-tolerant multimedia applicationsKRITHIVASAN, S; IYER, S